[EXCLUSIVE] The Rise of RAC & His Debut EP “Don’t Talk To”

Remix Artist Collective began with the best intentions, to combine multiple musical minds in order to create the best possible sound but rapidly became focused on the Remix, as one Artist rapidly established his name in the industry. André Allen Anjos’ paved the way for the premiere of his debut EP, “Don’t Talk To,” with an internet trail of popular remixes, but boldly presents a sound to call his own in the first original work to bear his name. With the release of the EP on Cherrytree Records we got the chance to sit down with the artist known as RAC in their office’s over at Interscope.

The Come Up

“Cherrytree was the label for this release because they were the ones who showed the most excitement,” says Anjos, “and as an Artist that’s what you have to be looking for.” The label behind Disclosure’s The Singles EP, Jessie Ware, and Ellie Goulding’s U.S. debut, surely knows talented dance acts when they see them and wasted no time bringing RAC on board. As someone who’s composed music his whole life it was inevitable that RAC would eventually get to that point. Now that he’s reached this step in his career it’s evident that he plans to keep evolving. Anjos states, “This EP is really the first introduction to original productions…and I wanted to make a statement: to let people know that it’s not just about remixes, that I’m capable of original work as well.” As he also lets fans know, “There IS an album in the works that is pretty much done,” and that, “It’s all part of a bigger plan.”

Live Tour

A bigger plan that includes an iconic live tour getup that sets a new standard for what we can come to expect from an electronic artist. On top of his live band, the man behind Skrillex’s visuals, Dr. Strangeloop, will be providing interactive accommodations for the concert experience. Anjos explains, “I’m excited, the tour is pretty much sold out and we haven’t even played a show yet,” an impressive feat for an artist that is just barely dabbling in commercial success. He tells us that, “The goal was always to do an album and a live tour,” but having all this put together the day of his debut EP release is supernova status. Status that caught the attention of some pretty big names for this freshmen’s first run at it.

The EP

Bloc Party vocalist Kele and pop sensation MNDR were featured on the first single off the project, “Let Go,” which racked up over half a million plays leading up to the release date of Oct. 1st. Dave Monks from Tokyo Police Club laid down some bars in the third track, “Tourist,” and a curiously haunting ballad features American singer-songwriter Katie Herzig. Also included in the credits is Penguin Prison for their acclaimed collaboration that graced the internet two years ago when Anjos first started producing originals, but is just now seeing an official release. While the backbone of the album is heavily dance influenced, sounds of the 90’s drift in and out, exhibiting the influence Portland has had on his personal productions. The true artistry comes out, though, on the final track of the EP where a full string quartet was composed and recreated for that particular single, a sound that Anjos was especially excited to share.

Head on over to iTunes to purchase his debut EP, “Don’t Talk To,” and be sure to check his live tour starting in November to see if it is coming to a city near you.