GDD™ Interview w/Clancy + What You Do EP

It’s been a wonderful year for one of our favorite artists from across the pond, Clancy.  The UK producer is on a year long hot streak with a string of outstanding remixes & original work.  Today we feature his brand new “What You Do” EP, out later this month on the brand new sublabel SPIEL.  We were able to catch up with Clancy and ask him a few questions about the new EP, about his year so far in 2013 & about life in the UK.  Here’s’ what he had to say…

GDD: First off, let’s talk about your new EP.  What can you tell us about the songs, the label & some of the production that went into making it?

Clancy: The EP is called ‘What You Do’ which is the name of the title track – it’s coming out on vinyl and digital with 4 tracks, 3 originals and a remix from Prins Thomas, which I was so pleased about – having Prins on the EP was a massive deal for me – I’ve looked up to him for years so to have him on my own record is amazing!

The record is coming out on Berlin based Dirt Crew’s brand new sublabel SPIEL. I had been speaking with them for a while and they loved the tracks and said they wanted to do the release – they then floated the idea of releasing it on a sublabel which they’d been thinking about creating. Everything just came together really nicely and the whole package felt like a great fit – and now here we are…

In terms of producing the record, I wanted something that would work in the clubs first and foremost but also had something else to it, a deeper element which in this case comes from the melody and vocals. The more you play out the more you want to be able to play your own tracks, so I definitely had this in mind when in the studio – I found myself thinking a lot more about creating something that was going to work on the dancefloor and get people moving.

GDD: I’ve read that the one artist you’d love to collaborate with is Stuart Price.  Taking a page from his book, do you ever have an itch to produce under a different alias to take a stab at different genres (c’mon, I know you wanna bring Dreamwave back)?

Clancy: Ha, yeah maybe one day I’d consider using a different alias, it can really work and in some cases the alias becomes massive – just look at Ben Westbeech, his alias Breach has become huge and he’s making some of the biggest house records and playing at the biggest parties. For me, at this time though, I’m just concentrating on my current self – there’s a lot going on, I’m just finishing the next EP which is due out in Nov, working on the release which will follow shortly after that and I have remixes coming out soon so it’s a bit too crazy to be thinking about setting up a new project just now!

GDD: What about U.S. plans?  Have you been to the States or have any plans to tour/visit?

Clancy: Yeah I’ve been to the States quite a few times, and I’ve loved everywhere I’ve been too. Last spring I did a road trip in California doing LA, Palm Springs, San Fran, Vegas, Big Sur and a lot of the smaller towns on the Pacific Coast Highway. New Orleans is also a big favourite – Frenchmen St has to be one of the most happy places i’ve ever been too, the music and vibe there is kind of magical. And of course New York is always somewhere I love visiting – I’ve had friends living there to visit over  the past few years as well which has been great for experiencing the city in a non tourist way. Hopefully i’ll be over to play some shows at some point soon!

GDD: Some U.S. shows are a must – let’s make that happen soon!  You seem to be a favorite artist among many blogs & other artists.  With the level of success that you’ve had thus far, what’s been the most surprising part of it all?  What’s been the most humbling part?

Clancy: I guess the answer is the same for both – I get both feelings every time I do a release – there’s always a sense of nervousness around this time and to receive such nice comments from people and constant support from the likes of yourselves, every time it surprises and humbles me – in this job you don’t get an appraisal from your boss every few months to give you a boost so to have the support from everyone is such a great thing.

GDD: What can you tell us about the scene in London right now (some insight you can give that we across the pond wouldn’t get from say, Mixmag)?  Likes, dislikes…what would you change/never change?

Clancy: The scene is really thriving right now – not just in London but throughout the UK. You only have to go onto Resident Advisor to see that every weekend there’s a huge choice of parties to go to. Not just in the clubs – promoters are utilising all sorts of spaces to create unique events. People are travelling all over the country for parties – there’s no hesitation in travelling up to Manchester from London for Warehouse Project or from Sheffield to Nottingham for Dollop – it’s good times. The only thing i’d change is moody doormen – crack a smile and don’t be so aggro – you’re good mood will spread into the club!

GDD: That’s excellent advice! Thank you, Rich! We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us.

“What You Do” EP
A1. What You Do (Original Mix)
A2. Nobody Else
B1. What You Do (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Digital Exclusive track: Giving You Up

Pre-Order Digital: HERE [Sept. 30, 2013]
Pre-Order Vinyl: HERE [Sept. 23, 2013 exclusively from What People Play]

Released by: S P I E L