GDD™ Guest Mix: Max Cooper – Nucleolus + Quick 5 Q&A

We begin September with a very special edition of our guest mix series featuring the virtuosic producer known as Max Cooper. As one of Resident Advisor’s top live acts of 2012, he is known for his all-original sets that span from sublime melody-driven soundscapes to glitchy techno. His guest mix embodies this diverse, fine-tuned style that is both emotive and ethereal on a fundamental level. Max has included tons of unreleased tracks, so have a listen for an inside look on his future material. (tracklist after the jump)

In addition to the mix, we were able to catch up with him about his experience making music while getting his PhD in genetics, the best advice he has received, what he likes to drink and more. Read his responses and check out his upcoming tour dates after the jump.


Quick 5 Q&A
GDD: You have a PhD in genetics, apparently? That’s wild. Were you making a lot of music while you were finishing up your degree?
Max: Towards the end of my PhD I was getting more and more into writing music, maybe that’s why I ended up losing my funding! Ha, no, that’s not the case really; I completed my PhD and Post-doc and then just didn’t get funding at the end of that to continue, so I turned to music at that point (as it was already paying the bills) and I thought I better give it a go properly. That was about 3 years ago, and it’s been hectic ever since.

GDD: How do you think your expertise in the science field influences you in the way you construct or think about music?
Max: Both science and music consist of thinking about an abstract system, and how you can use (computational, in my case) tools to manipulate and explore the system, to gain a better understanding of it, and to find new and unexpected results. Although I don’t like overstating the science connection, a lot of the time I think about music in a purely emotive manner, and work by feel rather than anything else.

GDD: Best piece of advice you’ve gotten? Or one you didn’t fully “get” at the time but value now?
Max: You have to work harder than everyone else to give a reasonable chance of success.

GDD: In one sentence: what’s the future look like for Max Cooper? Any goals you want to accomplish by the end of 2013?
Max: A finished album, a 4D sound live show, and better music!

GDD: Last question is GDD tradition, and first one in LA is on us: Drink of choice?
Max: Jura (whiskey) and ice!


Tour Dates:
Thursday, September 19, 13
Sullivan Room @ NYC, NY

Saturday, September 21, 13
Hardpop @ Juarez, MX

Sunday, September 22, 13
Symbiosis Festival @ Oakdale, CA

Thursday, September 26, 13
Cal University @ Berkeley, CA

Friday, September 27, 13
Decibel Festival @ Seattle, WA

Saturday, September 28, 13
Boat Party @ Los Angeles, CA


1. Max Cooper – Hush (unreleased)
2. Nils Frahm – For – Max Cooper Remix (unreleased)
3. Max Cooper feat. The Slow Revolt – Only You (unreleased)
4. Max Cooper feat. Braids – Automaton – Edit (unreleased)
5. Mmoths – For Her – Max Cooper Remix (unreleased)
6. Max Cooper feat. Kathrin deBoer – Numb (Fields)
7. To be announced 1
8. Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii – Seiun – Max Cooper Remix (Systematic)
9. To be announced 2
10. Max Cooper – Echoes Reality – Umit Han Remix (Traum)
11. To be announced 3


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