GDD™ Morning Update: Kaskade, Brodinski, Darkside, Joker

• Preview the first taste of Kaskade‘s new album
Brodinski talks new album and releases ‘Gimme Back The Night’
• Preview first Darkside track “Golden Arrow”
Joker drops ‘Joker Drive’ EP for free


Preview the first taste of Kaskade’s new album

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had a new album from Kaskade, although he hasn’t been shy in revealing that newbie Atmosphere will be a step away from what we’ve come to expect in recent years, saying “If I was to squash Fire & Ice into a single rather than a double album, it might have sounded like this.”

Atmosphere is set to drop on September 10 through Ultra Music, but in the meantime we’ve got our hands on an exclusive world premiere sneak peak of album cut Missing You, which you can watch below.

We got an early listen to Atmosphere in August, and our reviewer concluded that it reconciles into one cohesive album the “big-room, EDM-era style for which [Kaskade] has become known in recent years versus the mood-driven, slick house productions that defined the early part of his career,” adding that new song Missing You is “one of the most lyrically raw and honest tracks…the kind of song that will resonate with every listener one way or another.”

Kaskade, AKA Ryan Raddon, worked with singer Alejandra Dehaza from New York avant-indie band School of Seven Bells to lay down the track’s vocals, which are both sweet and sultry, floating over a deep, throbbing four-four beat. Listen for yourself below.

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Brodinski talks new album and releases ‘Gimme Back The Night’

He’s the Frenchman who’s been conquering dance music for years and next year Brodinski is set to release his debut album.

He spoke to Red Bull about the styles and influences on the album, saying: “It’s like mixing styles, which is always a good idea but never usually brings good results, so I’m trying to do it well with what I love about techno and electronic music in general and what I like about rap, R&B and everything from southern USA.”

Even though he cites the likes of Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier and Justice as particular favourites he wants to stick to his own thing and not be classed as someone who represents the French scene: “It’s a lot of pressure but I don’t really want to do anything like them even if I really love them”, he says. “I don’t consider my music as French – I was just born there.”

We can expect the debut album to drop early next year but until then you can check out ‘Gimme Back The Night’, the brand-new EP by the Frenchman, which was released yesterday on his label Bromance.

You can buy the two-track EP featuring Theophilus London here.

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Preview first Darkside track “Golden Arrow”

You may remember earlier this summer when Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, aka Darkside,remixed Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ in its entirety. Well, the electronic duo are gearing up for the release of their debut album, ‘Psychic’ next month, and are previewing its opening track in the meantime.

‘Golden Arrow’, at a pretty epic 11 minutes in length, is meant to be a “microcosm” of the album itself, symbolising a journey from the earth’s desert to the stars. It begins with organs and deep bass, and slowly builds into something brighter with the addition of guitar, echoing vocals and a grooving bassline.

Jaar and Harrington first formed Darkside, a genre-defying fusion of jazz, electronica, rock and techno in 2011, releasing their debut, the ‘Darkside’ EP together. They last month premiered the forthcoming ‘Psychic’ at an intimate gig in New York City. The album’s official release date is October 7.

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Joker drops ‘Joker Drive’ EP for free

Joker has released a new EP and it’s available as a free download.

‘Joker Drive’ sees the Bristol dubstepper mess around with the sounds of the Sonic Mega Drive game, turning assorted 16-bit bleeps into crunchy bass music.

There’s nine tracks on the record, which you can stream below or via Joker’s SoundCloud.

Those familiar with Joker’s production know he’s heavily influenced by old-skool video game music, a factor that feeds directly into the ‘purple’ dubstep sound that he and other Bristolians Gemmy and Guido pioneer.


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