[INTERVIEW] Bird Peterson Disclosure Remix x Catches Us Up On All Things Music

Bird Peterson is no stranger to the music industry. Between managing multiple music personalities, to spearheading a label, he’s been able to craft quite the brand for himself. Recently he’s been up to his usual remix madness but took the time to let us in on some inside information involving what the future will hold. A self described avid fan of the Cosby Show, we call his knowledge of the longstanding sitcom to question, and then we get a heavy scoop of what new talents tickle his fancy.

You’ve got a huge remix game, recently taking on Daft Punk, now another duo, Disclosure, whose rise to fame is right up there with the aforementioned, how does one go about remixing artists of that caliber?

Respectfully, hahaha. I tried to express what I love about that artist and simultaneously show where they have influenced my original sounds. For example, that Daft Punk remix has so much influence from very specific tracks, that I just felt like I wanted to take it to that level. Its a beautiful song and its the one I landed on. Same thing with Disclosure. That album is unbelievable, but that song is what jumped out at me as a favorite.

How much of the original do you try to keep intact?

Depends on who you ask. Bird Peterson: The important aspects. Never drums, rarely bass, and never copy builds. Express what you feel within that song. Drankenstein: Don’t go too squirrely with it, especially if there are specific things that people love about the original or that make the original what it is. You can’t remix Pon De Floor and just ignore the actual drop. That’s like ignoring the mac in the cheese, baby.

How has everything at Teenage Riot Records been going?

Great! We have some huge things right around the corner, and certainly some hot noise by the earholefull. That’s a word.

How have yours and Jesse’s tastes influenced the sounds that come through?

We originally wanted a place to be able to bring everything we liked in, and after a while we realized we both had very specific tastes. So now TRR is certainly releasing exactly what we would listen to and play as artists.

You do a lot of things within the industry. What is your favorite musical “hat” that you wear?

I love the writing process in all of it, bringing out the humor in things like write ups or videos. I’m a smart ass, so it really comes in handy in those areas. Also, I do all aspects of design for both me and TRR. I’m a designer by trade.

You send out a lot of love on social media, any up and comers you’re particularly excited about?

Right now SOHN, The Phantom’s Revenge, Subp Yao, and HolloH are reeeeally doing it for me.

Your knowledge of Cosby Show trivia is being called to question, which of the cast said these three quotes.
1. “Theres a whole family of them. There’s “Mega Girl,” “Mega Boy,” she’s married to “Mega Man” and they all drive around all day in “The Mega Mobile.”
2. “The zoo doesn’t want it. Garter snakes go to the zoo to see real snakes.”
3. “I’m so smart, I’m smarter than me.”

1. Clair, 2. Cliff, 3. Cliff (without even looking it up, suck on that).

What else is coming up for BP?

Drankenstein 5 is around the corner and will finally be concluding an experiment I started 5 years ago. A brand new finished EP that is perhaps my favorite work I’ve ever done. A butt ton of remixes as per usual. A live score to Night Of The Living Dead, premiering in Austin on October 23rd at the Alamo Drafthouse. And then I’m bringing it full circle with my first house EP in a few years. Oh, and the Bird Peterson Holiday Spectacular Part 2. Very excited about it!

Well we look forward to all that is Bird Peterson coming out here in the near future. Subscribe to his SoundCloud, “like” his Facebook page, follow him on twitter, and never miss a beat of the madness that has come to be defined as his artistry. Thanks again for your time and cheers to the future.