Chris Malinchak – So Into You

In the world of blogging, time is measured in a much more restlessly eager way than the normal units of time we are accustomed to.  In the regular world, when a person uses the phrase “at long last” or “it’s been ages”, years are usually associated with these terms.  However, in the world of music blogs, a few short months of inactivity is equivalent to real life years of agony and despair.  This can be chalked up to our insatiable appetites for new music. It’s that simple.  The music lover always wants more & always wants it now.

Today, after TEN WHOLE MONTHS without releasing any new material, Chris Malinchak dropped a new track on us & an overwhelming sense of joy (and relief) filled my social media feeds.  At long last, the amazing Mr. Malinchak released a new track today entitled “So Into You”.  After releasing a string of timeless songs last year (“So Good to Me”, “If U Got It” & “These Dreams”), Chris Malinchak’s reputation as a young House music legend was solidified in the annals the blog world.  And today his fans rejoice.

“So Into You” may not have the anthemic house feel of his more recent releases but this deep, liquid funk track (harking back to the funkier sounds of his “Hollywood” EP) surely does not disappoint.  It’s another beauty & another freebie.

So with all of that, we say thank you, Chris…we’re so into you, too.