[EVENT PREVIEW] The Year Of The Water Snake | Symbiosis Gathering 2013

As this summer’s festival season comes to an end, Symbiosis Gathering looks to offer its patrons something they might not have gotten at some of their more commercial counterparts. The year of the Water Snake identifies this year’s ‘gathering’ in Oakdale, California, setting the mood through some iconic serpent mythology. In some cultures a snake represents an umbilical chord, joining all humans with Mother Earth. As snakes shed their skin they bring about images of rebirth and transformation, and in Hindu mythology they come to symbolize freedom for their untamable nature.

With all that in mind, this years Symbiosis Gathering aims to unite this years attendees with nature through a five day experience that offers yoga, motivational speakers, lakeside camping, grassy meadows, as well as all the madness and artistry that comes with the music festival territory. A well rounded lineup is set to perform under the enchanting fall equinox featuring bountiful sets from House, Trance, Bass, Galactic, and Gypsy artists. A journey of personal growth and exploration awaits in the Woodward Reservoir, and there is no telling who you might discover. Purchase tickets below and have a listen to some of the buried lineup treasures.

Tickets: http://bit.ly/16qxlqP

5 Buried Lineup Treasures