[Forever Kid Fridays] Bee Gees – Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix)

Forever Kid is a feeling… a dream-come-true back to times when things were simple, free, and more fun.  Influenced as much by the soaring solos of rock ‘n’ roll as by pounding big-room anthems, these two childhood friends from Sweden have come together to bring you Forever Kid Fridays on GDD™.  We’ll have an exclusive throwback remix or original every other Friday, and it looks like some antics to be found in between.  Today we have their big, crunchy remix of the Bee Gees classic, Tragedy.  It’s Friday kiddos– have some fun with this one.

Forever Kid came together with LA street artist Annie Preece, to turn half the duo into a piece of bygone technology.  More on this to come, but you may recognize her from murals covering Melrose.  These two seem to be pretty dedicated to having a genuinely good time, I’m excited to see what more they have for us in the weeks to come.

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Forever Kid Fridays starts here, on GDD™.  #RefuseToGrowUp