[EXCLUSIVE] GDD Interviews Loco Dice

There is not much I can say about Loco Dice without waxing poetic about the man. He is a fucking absolute legend and in complete honesty seeing him for the first time changed the way I appreciate, enjoy, evaluate, and interpret dance music. I’m not even kidding.

His impeccably-chosen selection of tracks for his most recent compilation “Loco Dice In The House” is out now on Defected, which has allowed for both the label and the artist to extend their reach past what individually may have tied them to a particular sound or style. Traversing across a wide array of music, from older productions, his own work, tracks via his label Desolat, brand new tunes, and influences from hip-hop to Detroit techno, Loco Dice continues to solidify his identity as a master storyteller. Every step in the process of curating and mixing a compilation is one Dice pulls off with immense accuracy: from the track selection, to the order, to the piecing and mixing and layering. Loco Dice is one of the best at compelling you to dance, and to never stop dancing.


In liu of the 2-Disc compilation, as well as his full-flexed weekly party USED+ABUSED in Ibiza, I sent over a few questions to Dice to answer. I’m incredibly happy he found the time to talk to us amidst his unrelenting tour, promo, and residency schedule, and without further ado here is out chat with one of GDD’s all time favorites (not to mention #8 on our Sexiest DJs list): Loco Dice.

Hi Dice. Really happy to have you back for a chat with GDD. Where are you in the world, and what are you up to this week?

At the moment I’m living on Ibiza, absorbing, and playing my residency – Used + Abused – on Thursdays.

I know that many people across a massive spread of the dance scene have been eagerly anticipating this compilation you have coming out on Defected. What makes it different from the other “In The House” compilations, or a compilation you would do on Desolat?

There is a difference between “In The House” and “5 Years Desolat.” We have our annual X-Sampler in December, a compilation of tracks from my bag, and for the label’s birthday, I mixed songs together in a way of how I’d like people to hear them in the flow. “In The House” is a proper DJ mix on a CD format, which is proceeded by digging through my record collection, new music, licensing work and so on. The people at Defected and I put lots of effort and love in the product, so both releases have that in common.

If you could define the music you make, curate and play without using genre terms like “house” or “techno”, how would you describe it?

It’s something between both: chunky and raw, danceable, passionate and driving.

What’s up with your Used + Abused parties? How did that idea come about? 

My partner Tom Preuss and I spoke about it once over a glass of wine. We imagined an open-air daytime party with that classic Ibiza feel. We were also pretty sure that it would be almost impossible to create something like this in light of having all the bureaucratic mess you have to deal with. When the people from Ushuaia came with the news that we actually had the permission to do something like that, we focused on playing the music as loud and clear as possible during the day.

Your summer seems pretty busy between the residency and the Defected compilation. Are there any other projects you’re working on or new things you’re getting into before the summer ends?

I’m always thinking about new things!

Over the past year you’ve been touring the United States with Richie Hawtin on the CNTRL tour, as a way to sort of educate America about the spectrum of music you guys come from. Was this either of your original ideas, or did you come up with it together? What did YOU learn in the process?

Rich came to me with the raw idea. We both have the same views about the United States, so we thought that the time was right to do something like CNTRL. We knew what we had to do, but we let ourselves go with the flow and the vibe of the students.
We got lots of input from the tour and the intense exchange with the crowd/participants of our lectures.

It was a really big year for electronic music in America. Lots of new music, new clubs, emerging sounds and artists, etc. Are there any standout moments/people/movements for you?

The whole movement is great for all of us, as it opens doors for the underground.
You see us playing venues that are normally only for commercial acts, promoters start to believe in us and are giving us platforms where we can represent our scene. Last but not least, lots of cool acts from the US are coming out with new stuff.

There are a lot of DJs with multiple projects on their hands, from starting or maintaining labels and parties to touring and working on music. What advice do you have from a musician’s perspective about not only standing out, but not getting lost in the shuffle, as well as for the fans who have to filter through and keep up all of it?

It sounds like a cliché, but you have to stay true to yourself, follow your vision and things will happen. For fans…. you always discover new stuff and filtering is part of the fun!

Other than the obvious (equipment, clean underwear, your passport, etc), what are three essentials you bring with you on the road?

My tour manager, Wyan.
My magic box with earplugs, eye mask, medicine and vitamins
My hard drive with movies.

If you could have anyone (alive or dead) teach you something, who would it be and what would you be taught?

Dynamo the Magician. I want him to teach me one of his amazing tricks.