GDD™ Guest Mix: Phazz

Artwork by Guillaume Bonte

Oh boy I am very excited about the guest mix this week. One of my latest and most exciting discoveries is young French beat boy Phazz, and in this fine week of July he’s handed over an absolutely wonderful exclusive guest mix to us. Chock full of exclusives, intelligent re-works, and various unique up-and-comers, the mix explores the beat-based jambalaya of everything from jazz, R&B, and club influences and beyond. I see huge amounts of potential in Phazz, his work with vocal-pitching on remixes of Ryan Leslie and Cassie is really astounding and the direction he’s been taking as of late has a huge appeal.

You can stream and download his mix via our Soundcloud, and check out the tracklist and our interview with him after the jump. I predict big things from Phazz, really excited to see what’s next!

GDD: Hi Adam! How are you, what do you have going on this week?
Phazz: Hey guys, i’m great !! I’m now chillin’ in the south of France, glad to see some water !

GDD: You’re a part of different things like #Tomcrew and Soulection. Can you tell us about your role with each and how you got involved?
Phazz: I’m in both of these crew as producer. All started when I met my bro Juke Ellington, we talked about the #Tomcrew and he introduced me to CEO’s (Foxy Brown & Tokyo Hands) cause he kinda enjoyed my tunes, so we finally spoke and I decided to join the #Tomcrew. Recently I’ve discovered Stwo, I was very impressed by his work; so we started talking and he brought me up to 96, who’s one of the co-founders of Soulection and the artist who did the artwork for this mixtape btw, big shouts to him! After that Soulection proposed for me to join the roster!

GDD: Your latest remixes are a lot more soulful and R&B based than the older stuff on your Soundcloud, which is more trap-oriented. Is this a deliberate move into a different sort of vibe or are you just experimenting?
Phazz: To be clear first, I’m a music lover so I love club shits as much as i love other chilled stuffs. Before starting to produce, I used to be a musician in bands playing lots of different stuff like indie rock, jazz, soul, funk (I’m mad of this) and recently I felt the need to put these influences together in my own productions. Of course there’s part-experimentation as any producer does, but this is definitely a deliberate move to do more stuff like this.

GDD: Who are your favorite producers of the moment, and who are your influences/heroes?
Phazz: Ahah, this is the question I hate the most, there’s so much much going on in the planet! I’d say that all the LA beat scene is turning me on, definitely. I also think of producers like Swindle, Deebs, Sinjin Hawke, Cashmere Cat ..! I also love this Jersey Club scene with people like Trippy Turtle, DJ Hoodboi and guys like that. Concerning my heroes, it’s simple now : Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin and Chick Corea. They are just fucking genius.

GDD: If you could make music with anybody, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Phazz: I think it would be one of the three names I gave above, but I’d choose Chick Corea. He’s my favorite jazzman, there’s no words to describe his music.

GDD: What are your studio essentials? Something (can be imaginary) you wish you had in the studio?
Phazz: To be honest ? A real big long joint. I love to smoke while making music. I wish I had vintage instruments … a LOT of vintage instruments.

GDD: Give us a few of your favorites:
– Favorite electronic tracks: Aphex Twin – Jynweythek Ylow, Amon Tobin – El Cargo, Pink Floyd – Echoes ( this is electro-acoustic sorry, but it’s one of favorite piece of music ever )
– Favorite R&B artists: Ryan Leslie, Amerie, Ciara, Cassie, Pharrell
– Favorite albums of 2013: 2013 is not finished but I’d choose the latest Bonobo “The North Borders” and the latest Swindle “Long Live the Jazz”
– Favorite food: Burgers with a lot cheese.. Cheese everywhere.
– Favorite drink: Hard: Whisky x Coke / Soft: Schweppes Lemon
– Favorite trait in the opposite sex: The fact that they’re opposite

GDD: What do you have coming up in the future? Any aspirations you’d like to tell us about?
Phazz: I’m working hard on my EP now! I’ve got new remixes and also some collabs to come soon: a single with a Cali-based singer named Bridge, some stuffs with producers (but I can’t speak about it now yet, there’s some surprises!)

Phazz – Hold Me (Forthcoming)
Altazer – Onomatope (Forthcoming)
Ciara – I’m Out (Sweater Beats Remix)
Trippy Turtle x Booty Beaver – Getting Wood
Stwo – Try to Resist
French Fries – Yo Vogue VIP
RDI – A Breton (Girl Unit remix)
Robin Thickes – Wanna love you Girl (Sango Remix)
S-Type – Dyena
Deebs – Alibi
Mr.Carmack – Guantanamo Bay
Deebs – Fillet
Butch Clancy ft. A1 – P&B
Aesop Rock – No City vs. Citronella (Oxidia Rework)
Swindle – Long Live The Jazz
Drake & 2chainz – No Lie (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Color Plus – Lower Level
Night Drugs ft. Moona – Higher (Everydayz Remix)
FuzZ – What’s Up With Tomorrow
Riff Raff – Lil Mama (Dave Luxe Remix)
Phazz – I Feel U (Forthcoming)
Ryan Leslie ft. Cassie & Fabolous (Phazz Remix)
Ta-Ku – Hey Justin Pt. II
Amerie – Sometimes (Phazz Remix) (Forthcoming)