The Dirt #122: Steven N. Ewald + OH Doyle

After a successful series of our artist collaboration Dirts, we’re back to our original format of free tracks & Dirt babes!  Did ya miss us?

What better way to start your weekend early than with 11 hand picked tunes, zipped for your convenience?  As far as music goes, we’re extremely pleased with our selections of disco, house, and cosmic bass… topped off with a supremely cosmic dirt babe’s ___ !

OH Doyle’s Zip
Steven’s Zip

OH Doyles Picks:

Different Marks= Catz ‘n’ Dogz + Martin Dawson (R.I.P.)

The 2 Bears:

Shook remixes Jamiroquai:

Excellent Bootleg on John Newman’s, Cheating:

Le Crayon Remixes Peter & The Magician:

Cause & Affect release their Cypress Hill Bootleg after hitting 10,000 followers:


Steven N. Ewald’s Picks:

Transcendence Knobs Up to 11 on a Favorite Tune:

Proper Squared Off Deep Jack:

Actually Pretty Zenned-Out Trap From ︻╦╤─ ƱZ Look-alike ─╤╦︻:

Flawlessly Executed Marketing Brilliance (ft. Avalon Fridays Reference √+):

Get Your Rocks Off Jack-Pop: