GDD™ Morning Update: Knife Party, Pretty Lights

Knife Party’s Rob Swire on six month studio stint
Pretty Lights hits US Charts despite downloads

Knife Party’s Rob Swire on six month studio stint 

“Is it a bad thing that playing shows and getting drunk feels like going to school?” Rob Swire, one half of ‘seizure music’ specialists Knife Party, mused on Twitter recently. “I think my sense of fun might be warped.” If DJing in heaving clubs and festival tents is like going to school, it’s been a long semester for Knife Party. In the past month alone, the pair has launched its new Ibiza residency at Amnesia, while ticking off the marquee festivals across America and Europe. Coming up, Knife Party will take the stage at Benicàssim, Tomorrowland and HARD Summer alongside fellow headlinersBassnectar and Justice, to name just a few.

However, the constant blur of action is keeping the producers from working on music. On his always-entertaining Twitter, Swire laid out the “depressing” situation, and his resolution for 2014. “I realise we’re lucky to be in the position we’re in, blah blah etc, but not having the time to write music anymore is…so…depressing,” he wrote. “Starting next year I will take six months off just to write music, and any festival/show/meeting that falls within that time can GTFO.

“The problem is: music doesn’t directly make anyone money, it’s just a promotional vehicle for selling tickets to shows/merchandise/etc. So after an artist’s first single/album/whatever, people in the music industry largely view ‘time spent writing music’ as wasted time.”

The pair’s most recent release is the Haunted House EP, which arrived on their Earstorm label in May. It featured three new tracks Power Glove, LRAD and EDM Death Machine, plus a ‘VIP’ version of mainstage smasher Internet Friends.


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Pretty Lights hits the US Chart despite downloads 


Right now you can go to Pretty Lights’ official website and download his new album ‘A Color Map Of The Sun’ for free, legally, and without any DRM.

However, that apparently hasn’t stopped people from going out and actually buying the album.

‘A Color Map Of The Sun’ cracked the US Top 30 this week, debuting at 24.

Additionally, vinyl sales of the album were high enough to make it the number one LP in the country, bringing an end to Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ six-week number one run.

Pretty Lights’ sales success with an album that can be downloaded legally for free is unusual, but not entirely unheard of. In 2009, Nine Inch Nails released their album ‘The Slip’ for free via their website, but physical and digital sales of the album were still strong enough for the album to debut at number 13 on the Billboard charts.

Perhaps both instances show that when an artist has a big enough following, their fans will go out of their way to support them with their wallets.

Buy or download it over on his website.


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