THE DIRT #121: JeromeLOL + Colby J.

Being the newest writer at GDD it is an honor to be able to bring you my top tracks at the moment, as well as pair up with an artist like JeromeLOL for my first ever Dirt segment. I’ve been quite the festival creature lately, and being blasted by so much electro and prog house has my ears exhausted. With that being said, these picks from myself are more or less the tunes I bump on the way there/home in order to create some sense of balance. Big thanks to JeromeLoL for taking the time to collab and be sure to check out his most recent mix, perfect for cruising around in your Subaru.

The Dirt

Colby J.’s Picks:

It’s clear Breakbot is on the way to the top, and this remix of his “You Should Know” track by Le Family Club is all I can listen to right now.

The song of my summer, callin’ it.

I’m always down for some Russ Chimes in my life, and every track by him is exactly what I didn’t know I needed.

Deep house is everywhere around me, and I don’t really mind. Off the Ajunadeep label, Lane 8 brings that heavy bouncing synth line I’ve come to love. Tracks like this you can play anywhere or anytime and the mood is completely taken over by the vibes of Lane 8.

Everyone needs that jam to bump when you roll back from the festival and everyone’s wired even though your body is ready to collapse. This STWO jam will floor your mind and reconnect it to your body in order for you to achieve a relaxing slumber.

JeromeLOL’s Picks:

t16’s music heavily relies on loops that end up putting you in this euophoric trance like headspace which i really love. this is his new edit of smashing pumpkins’ “drown.” check out his soundcloud for more songs in a similar style.

I play out a ton of Behling and Simpson when I DJ. This is a perfect example of a track that gets people dancing at a slower BPM. The percussion of Behling ans Simpson has been extremely influential in my own production.

Really deep, summery track from Admin, who is one of my favorite new producers. Love the jazzy melodies.

I listen to this song when I am on the bus and it puts me in the best mood.

Beautiful remix by the beautiful being: Tommy Kruise. Sucker for french vocals. xo