GDD™ Interview w/ Blond:ish

Tonight, some of our favorite women in dance music will be taking the reins at Exchange in Downtown Los Angeles — Magda and Blond:ish. We were able to have a quick chat with the Montreal-born, London-based duo responsible for releases on some of our favorite imprints (Kompakt, Get Physical, Defected) ahead of their set tonight where we touched on their love of 70s psychedelia, how they link up with labels, their Cherry residency, and more. Read on and give a listen to their remix of Maya Jane Coles’ “Everything” out this week…

GDD™: We loved the EP for Kompakt you guys did last year – how did the two of you from Montreal, hook up with the German techno institution? You have another record coming out for them next month as part of the label’s 20th anniversary, that must feel pretty special?

Vivie-Ann: Oufff so basically long story…long! So no one was signing our record cause it had something unique to it, at least we thought so! It didn’t follow any formula or whatnot in our eyes, so it would take that special label to give it consideration!

Anstascia: I was randomly back in touch with an old friend who I met on a bbs or messageboard back when I was on a 2400 baud modem, was probably 15…So this guy I met online was for sure a bit of an oddball or a pervert cause he was in his 20s, was def taking a risk there…but we became friends and he worked for a big electronic distribution company back then. He ends up moving to Europe and when we were back in touch I took a long shot and asked him if he knew the guys at Kompakt since he worked with them indirectly! He said, “Well, it might just be your luck cause the guy who works for them is also Canadian so you have a connection there possibly…”

So we were put in touch, and the first thing John (Canadian Kompakt dood) writes back is…”Nice to meet you, but just know we listen to many promos so don’t expect a reply!”

Didn’t think twice as we were used to rejection by now….We knew what the record was worth and that someone would catch on our vibe (hopefully!!!) one day. But we were running out of ideas for labels to send to….Anyway, that same day he wrote us back saying he loved it but that the head, Mr. Mayer, is the ultimate approver! Long story short we met in Amsterdam and he confirmed he loved it and we set a date 6 months later for the release! Monumental for us at least….will be honest, I have cried of happiness thinking about it a couple times randomly…

GDD™: You guys have had some releases on some top labels – Get Physical, Kompakt – what attracts you to work with one label or another?

V: The Get Physical and Kompakt guys have a really strong family vibe and positivity and help motivate us to push the limits as artists and performers. When we feel the love we reciprocate.

GDD™: There is some really crisp production in your work, but it always seems to be underlaid by some organic instrumental sounds, and even a little psychedelia. How did you guys come to the Blond:ish sound, at what point did you feel you had something that was unique to the two of you?

Both: We’ve always been infatuated with the late 1960’s – 70’s psychedelic movement. It definitely spawned from our parents’ records playing at a young age. Burning Man also helped us rediscover that organic sound that we felt was missing from a lot of new records out there. Our first EP with Kompakt was a well-thought out experiment that was received really well and that’s when we knew we were onto something.

GDD™: You’re playing LA with one of our faves Magda this weekend. Do you like playing on bills with other folks, or do you prefer to have the whole night to yourselves?

A: Ouuu that’s a hard one. We would say both are great because when we have the whole night to ourselves, we can really dig deep in our records to build a journey for all the fans that we know came only to see us. But when we get to share the stage with other amazing artists, such as Magda, we are able to tap into markets and fans that maybe haven’t heard us before and vice versa. It becomes a win win for everyone!

GDD™: How long did you hold down your residency at Cherry for? I heard those were some pretty wild nights…

Both: Our night at cherry lasted for a whileee, a year and a half-ish. Even after we moved to London other DJs kept going with the night cause it still had momentum. Cherry was a really special place full of interesting characters and party monsters. It was a place where everyone came to let loose and no one went to work the next day…miss those days a lot.

GDD™: Lastly if we see you at the bar, what are you drinking?

A: Kettle One vodka with organic coconut water and maybe a splash of pineapple.
V: Vodka pineapple, bellinis.