[Interview] Nicole Moudaber

Nicole Moudaber has been taking the Techno world by storm lately. Starting out years ago as a prodigy to Carl Cox to recently releasing the well-received “Believe” LP it seems that the only direction she is headed is up! We were lucky enough to catch her 4 hour set at Cielo in New York last month and got a few minutes to find out about her upcoming collaborations, thoughts on the industry and future plans! Check it after the jump!

GDD: Hi Nicole! We at Gotta Dance Dirty like to start off interviews by asking – what is your drink of choice?

NM: Grey Goose Vodka & Sprite

GDD: You’ve had an incredible last few months with the release of your LP Believe, Miami Music week and your most recent tour. What have been the highlights so far? Any crazy stories?

NM: It’s crazy at every show! One highlight would have to be my 9 hour set at Stereo Nightclub in Montreal — that was surreal. I kicked off the album tour in the US and did about 13 shows in 21 days. It was very intense but I loved every moment and every city! I can’t wait to do to all over again!

GDD: You also recently founded MOOD Records and had your first release a few weeks ago. What is your vision for MOOD and what is the sound you are trying to curate with your releases? Is there anyone you are dying to sign?

NM: MOOD is about house & techno. It’s the music I love and play. With MOOD I have both established artists as well as new comers, it’s not about the names on the label but about the music. I’m currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on my collaboration with Carl Cox. We’re getting our own individual mixes for the EP and it will be released sometime after the summer this year. The original sounds mega fat, played and tested already at Space.

GDD: You come from a long and varied history in dance music, from your “Trashy Renaissance” party in the late 90’s all the way to today where you’ve been dubbed the “Queen of Techno.” What in that huge span of time has been your greatest accomplishment? And what are you still striving for?

NM: I would have to say winning the IDMA award in Miami for my remix of Chemistry. The original was a drum and bass full vocal track so when Carl Cox sent it to me I was quite overwhelmed actually – it’s quite difficult to work with such a sound. Turned it into a techno smash hit which was very well received worldwide! But there’s loads more to do and explore — I’m still warming up.

GDD: As a fellow woman in the industry I am always curious to hear the perspectives of other women like yourself. Would you say being a woman in a largely male dominated scene has impacted your career? If so, how?

NM: I don’t think about gender to be honest, it seems everyone does except myself. I’m more focused on the next projects, the next sound, the next show, the next release and so on. More women are definitely getting into this industry and at the end of the day it’s a choice you make whether its in dance music, architecture, medical, finance or politics — the key is to follow up and take it further with lots of dedication. I’m married to my work at the moment – that’s my relationship, the good thing is it doesn’t reply to me or nag every day.

GDD: “Believe” is a delicious masterpiece of techno goodness! Where did you pull your inspiration from for the album and where there any difficulties you had to overcome while making it?

NM: The difficulty was only emotional; I was going through a tough period in my life at the time, which consequently drove me to do different things. The results were only positive in the process, I was pushed to cross some boundaries musically and the outcome was great in that sense.

GDD: If you had to describe your DJ performance in on word what would it be?

NM: Hypnotic

GDD: What is next for you after your tour? More music, more appearances? We will hopefully be seeing alot more of you in New York!

NM: I will be at Electric Zoo, can’t wait for that! Techno all day there with the Drumcode crew. I’ll be staying over for 2 weeks in The States, stay tuned for more dates to be announced, then will be heading back to Ibiza for my last Space show with Carl on Sept 17. I will be on the island for the closing parties too.

Nicole Moudaber photograph courtesy of Darren Black for Woolhouse Studios