A Music Production Journal: Week #3

I’m currently 3 weeks into the course material with Point Blank Online. This week’s lesson was all about bass & midi effects. Comparing the material this week to the previous two, there was a major difference. After two weeks of going over instruments, plug-ins, and effects in Abelton live we finally began to focus our attention on music theory. Although the main purpose of this course is to teach Ableton as a production tool, music theory must be incorporated to make any of these examples come to life.


Read last post HERE and see course material and a full break down of week 3 after the jump!

In this week’s lesson we continued to review more advanced functions/instruments in Ableton as well as to begin blending some music theory into our lesson and master class.

What I enjoyed most about this week’s lesson was our 1 hour live master class taught by our tutor Freddy. This live class happens once a week at noon PST and involves our class joining a chatroom with our tutor and it allows us to build on our online lesson. In the session we can ask any specific question about the week and it provides our tutor with time to expand on more complex concepts of producing.

During the majority of this live class our tutor outlined to us the basics of music theory. He reviewed key signatures, chord progressions, and tools in Ableton that allows us to harness this important concept (especially for people like me who have no classical music training!).

You’ve probably heard it before but in today’s world  one does not need to know how to play an instrument in order to produce music.  While this is true, you do have to understand the basic theory behind music, and how to effectively use your software to adhere to these rules. After going through the week three lesson I feel more confident and productive on my approach of music scales, chords, and progressions. It was an extremely valuable lesson that will enable me and other students to work productively and most importantly, in key.