Detroit’s Berlin-based Jimmy Edgar is on a mission to manifest dance culture on a level deeper than any bass can drop. Synthesizing his passions for esoteric philosophy and ‘90s club music, Edgar announces a new EP, label launch, and special projects with fellow multimedia mystics Machinedrum and Pilar Zeta.

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The new label ULTRAMAJIC‘s first release is Edgar’s new EP, Hot Inside, out June 10th. Hot Inside struts with libidinous abandon and oozes supernatural essence. The title track opens Hot Inside with a filtered diva wail, cavernous beats, and warped techno grooves. “Shout” is a pulsating electro stomper, riddled with vocal loops, oscillating synths, and shuffling syncopation. “Strike” is a stripped down jacking track that soars into an infinite fade.

Jimmy went on to talk about the origin of the EP’s production:

“These tracks were started in South America when I was at Machu Picchu and on a sort of metaphysical adventure down there during December,” Edgar explains. Keeping his body music’s sensuous aura, Edgar intensifies his dancefloor focus, inspired by his extensive remix work and DJ gigs. “I’m booked every weekend this year on almost every continent.” In 2012, Edgar did over thirty remixes, including a Portishead edit he made hours before his Boiler Room set with Hotflush’s Scuba.

Listen below, and pick it up today on Beatport or iTunes!

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