Gerard de la Disco – Radiant Future EP

Who rocks a pencil thin mustache & blue tinted aviators with class + style?
Gerard de la Disco.
Who can seduce you in five notes or less?
Gerard de la Disco.
Who can you count on to always set the mood right?
Gerard de la Disco.

“He is a man of excellence.
He is a man of distinction.
He is a man of passion.
But most of all, he is a man of disco.”

Here’s what we know: The “Radiant Future” EP by Gerard de la Disco is the disco you’ve been looking for.  It’s the disco you’ve been wanting to discover & re-discover.  Four tracks of the highest quality disco around.  Four FREE tracks…because that’s who Gerard de la Disco is:  A GIVER.

Say his name one more time: GERARD DE LA DISCO…

“The Music”

“Don’t Wake”

“Our Love”

“The Future”

…and because Gerard de la Disco is always in a sharing mood – a mixtape: “Disco Business, Vol. 1″