[Mixtape] Touch Sensitive – Solé Fixtape Vol. 13

Future Classic‘s own, Touch Sensitive isn’t a sound, it’s a feeling. It’s served frothy, always smooth, and imported strait from down under. With a wardrobe only to match the intricacy of his sounds, a beautiful music mosaic is formed. Ascending and descending melodies paired with funky bass will have you cruising in the sun-kissed rays in no time. It’s time to eat some pizza, get sensitive, see sounds, and listen to colors because when this tape is over, you’ll swear you might have drank a little too much of that serotonin smoothie.

Oh, did i forget to mention this is the solo project of Mikey from Van She?

Tracklisting After the Jump

“Cry’ The Reels
“Varsovie” Elton John Dub
“Cero” Galarude (DJ Harvey Remix)
“Triscuits” PBR Street gang remix
“Valley Of Paradise” Psychmagik (Greg Wilson Remix)
“Goldfisch” Kolsch (Original Mix)
“Blessings” Mark Du Mosch
“Paper Tears (Original Mix) B.d.i
“You Are My High” Demon
“Say Something (Original Mix) Fort Romeau
“Illuminations (Discodeine Remix) Zombie Zombie
“Peach Pit” The Swiss
“A Fax From The Beach” Classixx