A Music Production Journal: Week #1

Over the next 8 weeks we’re teaming up with Point Blank Music School to provide an inside look into their online education program. Each week I will be reporting the progress of the course by reviewing the growth of myself, my classmates, along with the over all structure and delivery of our course material.

Point Blank is a music school in Shoreditch, London that offers an online curriculum specializing in electronic music. Their courses are designed for producers, DJs, and sound engineers at any skill level. Whether you are new to music production or an established artist, Point Blank offers courses to fine-tune your craft.

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Before getting into my first weeks lesson, let me tell you about myself. I’m 22 years old and have been interested in music production as a hobby since I was 15. I would consider my knowledge of production at an intermediate level, in the sense that I am familiar with song structure, rhythm, and the various musical elements of what makes each genre unique.

I’ve chosen to enroll in the 8 Week Ableton Live production course offered by Point Blank Online. My experience with the software is limited to the past year, with informal training through Abelton’s manual and free online information.

After reading the course description I have come up with a few goals of what I would like to take away from this course!

• Establish a productive workflow while producing with Abelton
• Develop a deeper understanding of  Abelton functions in order to enhance my creativity
• Mix and Master songs/edits to a playable standard

The first week’s lesson reviewed the most essential functions of Abelton, demonstrating how to navigate through the software and the basic theory behind the program. Once that was established we briefly touched on drums using Abelton’s Impulse device. Our first week’s assignment was to create a series of drum patterns using Impulse in order to build the class’s knowledge of rhythm.

To me much of the first week’s information was not new or challenging. When viewing the information from a total beginner’s standpoint though, it was extremely informative and covered materials that could take months to learn in a self-taught DIY situation.

As each week progresses my course material looks more challenging and less familiar. I look forward to the next 7 weeks!