For The LOLs with PeteyClicks

Last week I got to quickly catch up with one of my newest favorite people to share a LOL with, Petey from North Carolina duo Clicks & Whistles. I first discovered Clicks & Whistles when AC Slater intro’d me to their EP that was to be released on his label Party Like Us… since then I’ve grown to have a large appreciation for the Clicks & Whistles sound, a sort of Southern-influenced intelligent interpretation of dance music. From tracks like “Fumando” (on Salva’s Frite Nite imprint) to “2 Much Higher” (on Kastle’s Symbols), Clicks & Whistles combine engineering prowess with Dirty South background to anthemic and danceable effect.

What I enjoy most about Petey is his infectious charisma that flows seamlessly from his DJ sets to his personality. Whenever he’s around the air is light-hearted which is a great asset to have. To be quite honest I had completely forgotten my sheet of questions so most of this is a bit willy nilly and was oft-interjected by 12th Planet and Protohype interjecting with a question or noise… but even so Petey and I handled it like absolute pro’s and shared many a LOL which is sort of the point, so here we go:

Laura D:Ready? What’s your ring tone?
Petey Clicks: My ring tone? I don’t even know. I’m a silent phone guy. I think it’s the Apple ring tone.
That’s boring. What would you name a strain of weed if you had one?
Oh, jesus… actually yeah. OH JESUS! That’s what I’d call it. Smokin on that OG… sus. OG SUS. That’s my other strand.
What’s better, NY pizza or Chicago pizza?
New York pizza, for sure. I used to live in Chicago, so that’s the straight truth.
Ok, favorite topping then?
Mushrooms. I like pizza. Eating it. It’s fun.
Me too. I enjoy a good pizza. Matter of fact, I enjoy a bad pizza.
Really? I guess so huh. I dig frozen pizza too.
Totally. What song is stuck in your head?
Hmm… the Kastle song “Redlight”. Gets stuck in my head all the time.
Tis a good one.
It is. Shoutout to Kastle.

Stupidest thing you’ve gotten away with at a club?
Hmmm… I’ve peed while DJing….
That’s pretty normal I feel. So no ruckus?
I’m not violent.
Never broken a bottle service table?
Nope. Haha. One time in Philly AC Slater suprised me by jumping on my back and we fell over and thought he broke his ankle for like 5 seconds.
And the party continued, I’m sure. Favorite thing to drink?
Whoa. You should put that on your rider.
I should. It has to be prepared fresh though.
That’s true. Felix Cartal has slushies on his.
Good point. One day. It’s a career goal.
Haha. You ever get a weird piece of advice that ended up being really helpful?
Hmm…. I don’t know. I have a terrible memory.
Protohype: Don’t trust a ho.
Yeah. Don’t trust a ho. That’s not weird though.
It totally is. Buddha never would have said “Don’t trust a ho.” If you were a dog, what kind would you be?
I’d probably be a big ass wiener dog. Yeah, like a huge dumb wiener dog. Or  a beagle. Like a dachshund beagle mix.
What label have you been into lately?
Good question. How about Symbols. Yeah. They’re cool. I like all the stuff Kastle is doing. There’s not much room to release those kind of sounds in America. The pace of it is awesome too.

I agree. Who’s your favorite rapper?
Ghostface [Killah].
Whoa. Quick answer. Have you read his fake blog?
There’s a fake Ghostface blog?
Yeah. It’s amazing. Look up “Annual Softest Niggas In The Game“. I think it’s fake. But it’s so funny. What’s your favorite city to play in?
I like Denver. I like Austin. Those are my two favorites.
What’s your favorite kind of barbeque?
Meat? Or style? I like Carolina vinegar pulled pork. I like that sh**.
Yum. I like Korean BBQ, I went last night actually.
Oh yeah, that’s good too. I gotta stay true to my home though.
Totally. Well pulled pork is just generally the vibe.
I had a pulled pork burrito today. Chile verde. So good. Oh, I totally remember a good piece of weird advice. “Don’t be afraid to kill the baby.” 
Haha! What’s that in reference to?
Making music. Nobody bats 1000. 
Wow. Perfect. If you could throw a party anywhere, where would you do it?
A theme park. Yeah. Or a ski resort.
I’d throw one on an island. Like you have to boat to get to it. It’s been done though.
Holy Ship! I slept through that island thing though. I was too hungover.
You were on Holy Ship? How was it?
Awful. Just kidding, it was awesome.
Favorite memory?
Uh, probably the last night when Brodinski and Gesaffelstein played until the sun came up. I had a religious experience. On a couch.

Amazing. I know many people, mostly girls, who have religious experiences to those two.
A techno religious experience. Wait, what are you trying to say about me Laura?
I’m gonna leave that open ended.
Are you saying things I do are more commonly done by girls?
I meant “religious” in quotations. You know what I mean.
I was just so caught up in the Bromance… I got weak in the knees.
I’m gonna stop you there, hahaha. Favorite TV show?
Game of Thrones.
Which character would you be. Or would you be your own?
Phew…. probably Hodor. He’s the big oaf guy who carries around Bran and only says his name, like “Hodor. Hodor.” Either him or Robert Baratheon.
Who wouldn’t be Robert Baratheon? Other than Jorge (the other half of Clicks & Whistles) who do you enjoy making music with?
Dean [Grenier].
Vibes. Because vibes. For sure. We work very well together, we compliment each other nicely. I like the way our stuff sounds after we finish it. I like listening to them, it’s fun.
Who’s your favorite person to follow on social media?
Jess Jubilee. Or The Kid Mero. Or Riff Raff.
If you could produce for anybody, who would it be?
Danny Brown.
SICK! Who’s your favorite DJ to watch… other than Brodinski obviously…

What can’t you go a day without?
Copious amounts of weed.
Your next tattoo?
Squirtle with sunglasses on and a banner that reads “Neva Get Caught”. 
Ohhhh my god. Hahahah. OK, favorite iPhone app?
You’re a good viner. Favorite slang word?
Deadly. I just went to Canada, everyone’s saying deadly. “This tune is deaaadly.”
Haha, I’m into it. Good answer.
Deadly answer.
Touché. If you could live on any planet, which one?
Wow. You’d probably die.
I mean, like if you were a cartoon character where anything is possible.
Saturn would be cool. Star Wars planets. Alien fruits. Vegetation. I’m just gonna keep saying words about Star Wars planets. The Death Star. That’s what planet I’d live on. I like your dog’s fluffy tail.
Thanks, me too. Well I think we did it.
Rad. Let’s go eat.