[DOWNLOAD] Ryan Hemsworth – Still Awake EP

The Remix Ryan Gosling AKA Canadian Montana AKA Rap Game Drake’s All White Tracksuits AKA The One Man Boy Band AKA Ryan Hemsworth (that was fun) just delivered a nice little package of 7 tracks tucked into the “Still Awake” EP available for download on his website.

Still Awake is almost exactly what you’d expect it to be: ephemeral beats heavily influenced by the sort of transient “head in the clouds” state of mind you find yourself in when you’ve just been awake far, far too long. For Ryan Hemsworth fans, it’s that perfectly cooked grilled cheese, satisfying and exactly what was needed to hold you over. Some may say it’s a bit bland but fuck those people because grilled cheeses are delicious and this EP is yummy too. The brilliant track names are basically the parmesan crust to the EP, as in DAMN, I thought this was just a grilled cheese now you had to go top it off with this next level shit DAMN.

I was listening to this as I started my morning and to be honest was going to call it a bit boring, but timing is everything and this is an EP for 4am hazes, for sitting on a beach cliff, trolling for Selena Gomez .gifs on Tumblr, I don’t know. It’s perfect little EP, topped ironically for me by the track “Perfectly” and highlighted by a very Rustie-sounding remix of the track by Taquwami.

Stream the tracks below and once you realize you do really want that grilled cheese go ahead and download it off his website: RYANHEMSWORTH.com