Out now is the latest from Le Castle Vania’s label Always Never Records, an amazing and multi-faceted six track EP from Miami based producers SLDGHMR. I’m really impressed – there’s not a whole lot of young American producers that have finesse and versatility in delivering an EP that progresses from barreling techno to indie/nu-disco type stylings whilst maintaining a sound true to their artistry.

It’s clear with the EP that SLDGHMR have mastered the art of progression, from the layout of the EP itself to each high and low within the tracks. Beginning with the title track, you’re pushed straight into the darkness, a kind of post-apocalyptic journey into techno with deep and commanding vocals. “I Just Want You To Know” continues along the techno stream, with intelligently placed keys that drop into in-your-face kickdrums – the danceability most accurately shown in their music video- an ode to the old school techno dance videos of the very early 90s.

Things get simpler on “Welcome To The Technodome”, where my combined love for 108BPM techno and atypically placed rap lyrics come together to humorously dark effect. For all you – yes I’m going to make up a genre here – “autobahn techno” lovers, “BAOM” is the one, carrying easily the darkest and most tunneling vibe on the EP, accented by perfectly placed massive kicks I’ve only recently seen pulled off that well by Gesaffelstein. The mood changes entirely with “Shadows Dancing”, an electronica-influenced melodic track that starts to bring the EP to a close. The final track, aided by vocals from the lovely Louisahhh!!! is a great end to the EP as I feel it culminates a lot of what makes the previous five tracks so special together into its own uniqueness.

Reset is definitely a showcase for a multitude of different inspirations and a solid debut effort from SLDGHMR on Always Never. There’s a lot of appeal here and an unbeknownst amount of potential- it captivates in a way that makes you want to listen over again and ponder how deep they go in their DJ sets. The EP is available basically everywhere music is sold but you can stream it below as well.