OWSLA Presents: The Dirt #116: Phonat + Steven N. Ewald

Couldn’t be more pleased to be teaming up with Phonat today to bring you The Dirt #116.  We’ve got 11 tracks selected by us for you spanning from some absolutely prime funky chops selected in true Phonat style, to the strangest subversions of trap and some sick black acid bootlegs from me.  That, his thoughts on the tracks, and a handy little zip, coming at you!

Phonat’s Selections

Love the vocals cuts and pitch here. Love the chords. Dancefloor monster:


Moody and dissonant, very interesting textures. This guy deserves more attention:


This track redefines disco. We need more of this Marcus Marr!


It’s so difficult to choose your favourite Bobby Tank track! The dreamy 80’s atmosphere here is a thing of a beauty:


I’m a massive fan of Daisuke, this remix is so delicate it makes your brain float:


No way I could ever top that premium picking on Phonat’s part!  I am truly humbled by the man’s taste in tunes, a huge thank you to you, Phonat!

Be sure to check out his long awaited new EP out on OWSLA next month.


Steven N. Ewald’s Selections

Leaned Out Duck Trap (GDD™  EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE!):


Fairly Sinister Big Room Trap:


Midnight Flight / Pink Sprite Trap:


Ambient Scrambled Egg Trap:


Black Acid French Bass:


Speaking of which…


• Download .zip (7 tracks)