GDD™ Exclusive Interview w/ Edit Murphy + Free Download

In anticipation of Edit Murphy‘s upcoming performance on the WIDE AWAKE Art Car at EDC Chicago on May 26th, we sat down with the Smoke N’ Mirrors rep for a chat about his new Metro EP, Deep Disco, and his thoughts about the first Electric Daisy Carnival in his hometown of Chicago. Additionally, we have a free download of his single, “Keni,” to hand over to you today. It’s a melodic tune brimming with ol’ fashioned feelgoodery, and now it’s yours for free. Read the interview below and make sure to catch Edit Murphy on the GDD™-hosted WIDE AWAKE Art Car in Chicago next Sunday, May 26th.

GDD™: We like to start interviews off here at GDD with a question regarding booze, so what’s your usual drink order? We’ll make sure to stock up the art car with a few…

Edit Murphy: Whiskey seems to do the trick. Every few years I try experiment with drinks. Always have to go back to whiskey.

GDD™: You’ve just released your 3rd EP, ‘Metro,’ on Smoke N’ Mirrors last week, this time featuring 3 of your own originals. Did you choose not to feature remixes in this release to focus more on your own material? Was there anything different in the synthesis of this release compared to ‘Brooklyn Nights’ or ‘Need You’?

EM: I wanted to keep the original tracks together on one EP, as they are all various degrees of my sound. Remixes would have made the release to big to take in. Brooklyn Nights and Need You were very dark and portrayed where I was musically at the time. This new EP spans the different emotions I try to convey in my music

GDD™: What do you think about the lineup for the first EDC Chicago? Who are you excited to check out before/after your set?

EM: Dance music festivals are all the rage right now. They seem to have all bases covered. Cassy and Wolf + Lamb will be highlights.

GDD™: Deep Disco seems to be a term that people have started to use more and more within the past year or so. What do you think it is about Deep House and Disco elements that work so well together?

EM: Disco and Deep House, or House in general has been fused since House began. In my opinion a lot of what Larry Levan and Ron Hardy were playing towards the end of the Disco era was Deep Disco. Very minimal tracks but with so much emotion. A lot of studios and bands around that time were experimenting with the dubbed out production style that led to House.

GDD™: You were out in Austin and Miami this past March. What were a couple of the best parties you played/attended? Any funny late night stories?

EM: The best party in Miami, probably my favorite to date, was a warehouse party where I played with DJ Harvey and Jacques Renault. Osunlade, Maxxi Soundsystem and PillowTalk were outside. Any show with Jacques Renault involved ends in debauchery for sure.

GDD™: Pick one of the following four. Eddie Murphy as:
– Prince Akeem
– Det. Axel Foley
– Sherman Klump
– Donkey

EM: Axel Foley

GDD™: And finally, is there anyone else in Chicago that might not be on our radar who is making good tunes at the moment? Any secret sauce songs from them you might be throwing in your set on the 26th?

EM: Chicago is a mecca for dance music. It was born here. That kind of feeling is still around today. Black Madonna is one of my favorites right now. Her music is always in my sets. Both her DJ sets and Production are so on point.