New Justice Live Album, Access All Arenas

Justice Access All Arenas

It’s not simply the towering Marshall stacks flanking the stage that always make you feel as if Justice truly are the 21st century manifestation of Rock n’ Roll. Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé, better known as the French DJ and production duo Justice, have always crafted unique and vibrant soundscapes full of energy when putting together their live shows. It’s visceral, you feel it in your chest, and it compels you to move.

The new Justice live album, Access All Arenas, comes on the heels of a massive tour to support their sophomore LP effort Audio, Video, Disco. Access All Arenas is an 80-minute, 14 song medley of their biggest hits, old and new, all presented in a refreshing fashion to keep fans on their toes.

You can order the album on CD, vinyl, or iTunes here.

Get a 9-minute behind the scenes view into what it takes to put together a Justice gig after the jump!

While the follow-up album to 2007’s † may have been met with disappointment by some, I merely saw it as an evolution. Amidst the DJ arms race for brighter, fancier, and bigger lights to accompany live performances, their stage set-up has evolved as well, and the below video will take you inside the progression of the Justice experience for a night at Chicago’s Congress Theater.

Whether crammed into the Henry Fonda theatre in 2007, sweating under the tent to close out Coachella in 2008, or standing in awe of the massive production at Ultra Music Festival 2012, I’ve found the two just seem to have a taste for the theatrics that catapulted dozens before them to the pantheon of rock superstardom, and I think we’ll be able to find them residing up there for some time.