GDD™ Morning Update: AraabMUZIK, Richie Hawtin, Anjunabeats, Verboten

AraabMUZIK shot, survives robbery attempt
Richie Hawtin discovers South Africa
Anjunabeats‘ official statement: “Will.I.Am did not get permission”
Verboten launches StageONE with Sasha


AraabMUZIK shot, survives robbery attempt

The MVP of the MPC, born Abraham Orellana, is recovering from his injuries.

Billboard has confirmed that Orellana was shot during a robbery attempt in his home state of Rhode Island, sharing this statement from the DJ/producer’s camp.

“Rumors have begun to circulate and first and foremost, we want to let everyone know that AraabMUZIK is currently alive and well. He was out in his neighborhood last night with friends and unfortunately the victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” says the statement. “He is recovering now and police are investigating the crime. We appreciate all the concern and fan support and Araab is looking forward to a speedy recovery and returning to the stage as soon as he can.”

Rapper and collaborator Avatar Darko commented on the situation via Twitter: “Prey [sic] for my bro Araab! He just got shot but he’ll be alright! He’s strong! My lil brodi too trill! They tried to rob him and he ain’t come up off his shit so they tried get him outta there! He meant to be here! Foh!”

Orellana’s manager, DukeDaGod, posted the above photo on his Instagram: “Everyone wish my brother @araabmuzik a healthy & pleasant recovery!!!! #Mvpofthempc #Soblessed”.

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Richie Hawtin discovers South Africa

This 11-minute video recaps Hawtin’s recent trip to Cape Town and Johannesburg with Bridges For Music.
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Anjunabeats’ official statement: “Will.I.Am did not get permission”

Above & Beyond’s label, Anjunabeats has released an official statement regarding the now infamous sampling fiasco.

Arty and Mat Zo released a popular collaboration in 2011 entitled ‘Rebound’ on the Anjunabeats label which was subsequently used without permission for’s lastest track ‘Let’s Go’, featuring Chris Brown.

An Anjunbeats spokesperson says: “As has been widely reported, a large section of ‘Rebound’ was sampled on’s track…and this took place without the permission of Anjunabeats or Arty & Mat Zo.

“Although Arty (but not Mat Zo) was credited in the sleeve notes, this is not the same as obtaining permission. To present someone else’s work as your own, you need to seek permission, agree terms and file paperwork, which has not happened in this case.

“We’ve remained silent on this issue until now but as a record label it is our obligation to protect our artists’ interests and we felt it was necessary to respond to some of the inaccuracies that have been reported following’s recent comments to Associated Press.”

After the story broke attempted to defend himself, claiming that Arty “knew about the sample beforehand”.

Although Arty and Mat Zo acknowledged that they had been contacted by and knew of his interest in the track, they confirmed that they had “declined working with him at the time.”

Looks like Will’s got some cheque writing to do.

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Verboten launches StageONE with Sasha

Verboten has announced a new series called StageONE, starting on July 4th.

The run of shows will take place outdoors on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn. The stages will feature food vendors as well as beer and wine. Outdoor games, a video projection system, custom-made soundsystem and even a VIP section à la Manhattan nightclubs (including full liquor bar) make up some of the other attractions.

Sasha‘s Never Say Never party brand will provide the theme for the first event on Independence Day, with the man himself headlining. He’ll be supported by Guy GerberMaya Jane ColesDavide Squillace and Bill Patrick. The next gig, on the 27th, will host Cadenza man Luciano plus Detroiters Carl Craig and Moodymann. More dates have yet to be announced.

Tickets for the Never Say Never event are available here, while you can grab tickets for the second party here.