GDD™ Morning Update: Maceo Plex, TomorrowWorld, SFX, Pasquale Rotella

• Listen to Maceo Plex‘s ‘DJ-Kicks’ Mix
• America’s TomorrowWorld 2013 line-up is taking shape
SFX’s Shelly Finkel Hints at New Acquisitions With Pete Tong at IMS: ‘What’s Ministry of Sound Doing?’
• “I don’t lose sleep”: In-depth with EDC’s Pasquale Rotella


Listen to Maceo Plex’s ‘DJ-Kicks’ Mix

Deep-house veteran Eric Estornel has kept busy in the past few years, running his burgeoning Ellum Audio imprint, reviving his Maetrik moniker, and readying Maceo Plex’s installment for !K7‘s DJ-Kicks series. As we reported in February, the mix features 10 edits from Maceo Plex and the unreleased “Galactic Cinema” (stream that here), in addition to tunes from Voice Stealer, S.A.M., DJ Stingray313, and others. Now, that anticipated DJ set can be streamed in full. While Maceo Plex’s mix isn’t going to be released for another week, it’s nonetheless streaming in full here, courtesy of Resident Advisor.

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America’s TomorrowWorld 2013 line-up is taking shape

This September, Dutch powerhouse ID&T is setting its sights on America. To be more specific: Chattahoochee Hills, a 40-minute drive from Georgia’s capital Atlanta, for the first TomorrowWorld festival – and the 2013 line-up is coming together. Just like the original Tomorrowland in Belgium, TomorrowWorld’s cast is being announced piece by piece.

As it turns out, some of the top-tier names from the European event will be crossing the Atlantic to go large again on the weekend of 27, 28 and 29 September. At the top of the list is a trio of mainstage maestros flying in from Sweden: AxwellSebastian Ingrosso and Alesso. They’ll all be right at home on the spectacular TomorrowWorld mainstage. This being the U.S., there has to be a Bass Stage. The bottom-heavy business will be catered for by ExcisionRuskoZomboy and friends. Expect many more names over the months to come.

As ID&T announced, “the site is the property of a Belgian who is ready to receive TomorrowWorld with open arms and unparalleled hospitality”. It’s said that capacity for the 21+ TomorrowWorld will be 150,000, which will make it one of America’s largest EDM events.

Over its eight editions, Belgium’s Tomorrowland has become one of the world’s most desirable festivals, with immense demand for tickets. Expect the new event to go the same way. TomorrowWorld pre-registration is open now until 2 May 2013, with each account allowed a maximum of four tickets.

TomorrowWorld 2013 line-up so far:

Sebastian Ingrosso
Delta Heavy
NiT GriT
Sound Remedy

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SFX’s Shelly Finkel Hints at New Acquisitions With Pete Tong at IMS: ‘What’s Ministry of Sound Doing?’

SFX head of acquisitions Shelly Finkel hinted at a number of previously unannounced deals during his sit-down with BBC Radio 1 legend Pete Tong at the first annual IMS Engage in Los Angeles today.

Finkel proved to be a charismatic consolation prize for the man himself, SFX CEO Bob Sillerman, offering tales from his own rock and boxing promoting past. He also confirmed what many had suspected: Despite snapping up TomorrowWorld promoter ID&T and digital download hub Beatport, SFX isn’t quite done acquiring dance music entities.

“Is there any money left?” asked Tong. “There’s plenty of money left,” said Finkel. “What’s Ministry of Sound doing?”

Describing a “a basic strategy is to acquire certain major brands and promoters in different parts of the world,” Finkel – who has been Sillerman’s muscle man during the acquisition process, doing most of the initial reach-outs to potential purchases (a fact which made him known to many in the convention room) – said that SFX recently bought “a promoter in South America, the largest promoter in Germany, and probably the largest in Australia.” He also stated that the ID&T party brands set to come to North America, in addition to the previously announced Sensation and TomorrowWorld, would be Mysteryland, May Day, and Q Dance.

Tong seemed to continually nip at Finkel, who along with SFX has been cast by dance music cognoscenti as a profiteer with no real ties to or love for “the scene.” Finkel floated like a butterfly, dodging the light jabs.

“What is your approach: Flatter, seduce?” asked Tong. “It seems that you’re turning over stones all over the world looking for stuff to buy.”

“I use my personality,” laughed Finkel.

“I met you snipping around Pacha [the Ibiza nightclub],” said Tong. “You didn’t buy it though. Why?”

“We decided our strategy overall was not clubs,” said Finkel. “We have some clubs because they came with promoters,” like LIV in Miami via their acquisition of Miami Marketing Group.

While speaking about Sillerman’s original SFX to Clear Channel in the early 2000s, Finkel offered a picture of so-called “SFX II’s” possible future: “With consolidation you originally build a business, you grow it, you hope to grow it forever. But if someone makes an offer that is hard to refuse, you do it.”

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“I don’t lose sleep”: In-depth with EDC’s Pasquale Rotella

As his position in the inaugural inthemix Power 50 proved, Pasquale Rotella is one of the most talked-about figures in dance music. With his Insomniac powerhouse responsible for Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas (and satellite cities, too), he lives squarely in the media limelight. In the May issue of Red Bulletin magazine, writer Nicolas Stecher followed Rotella in Hollywood and Vegas, hearing how the Insomniac boss went from a passionate raver to one of dance music’s leading promoters.

The feature explores the scrutiny he has faced, including the looming charges of bribery and embezzlement relating to the L.A. Coliseum, Electric Daisy Carnival’s former home. “The legal situation I take very seriously,” Rotella tells Stecher, “but I don’t lose sleep over it because I didn’t do anything. I have confidence in the system.”

With the Insomniac empire now much-desired by investors, Red Bulletin reaches back to when Rotella was “a scrawny, wide-smiling teenager dressed in fuzzy blue overalls” who then became a party promoter in the early ‘90s. “I was happy when I was broke,” he says. Now, in 2013, he presides over a flagship festival that will again draw over 350,000 people into the desert this June.

“Pasquale is seen as a bit of a pin-up boy for EDM, the good and the bad,” says inthemix founder Neil Ackland in the Red Bulletin feature. “I don’t remember any one person being the focus of the media attention in the U.K. It was so different when they were doing illegal raves in huge fields. This is a legitimate business model, with huge investment put into safety and security. It’s more than decades ahead – it’s a totally different paradigm.”

In the accompanying video below, Rotella addresses the room for improvement after 2012’s Electric Daisy Carnival, including traffic to the site. “I have still not perfected it,” he says of running a huge event. “We’ve had our ups and downs. There are things that aren’t perfect. We’re determined to get them right.”

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