GDD™ Morning Update: Maya Jane Coles, The Do LaB, Different Marks, Diplo

Maya Jane Coles‘ debut album out July
The Do LaB Does Coachella
• Catz ‘n Dogs and Martin Dawson to release album as Different Marks: stream the first track
• Diplo to produce “EDM craze” film


Maya Jane Coles’ debut album out July

Maya Jane Coles has announced that her debut album ‘Comfort’ will be released in July.
Signed to her own label ‘I/AM/ME’ through a new global deal with Kobalt Label Services, Coles said: “It’s very exciting to be in charge of my debut album. Kobalt has given me total creative freedom and that is a necessity for me as an artist.”

‘Comfort’ was produced, mixed, engineered and performed by Coles herself, with additional guest vocal performances.

In 2012 we named Maya’s remix of the DJ Kicks series the ‘Compilation Of The Year’.
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The Do LaB Does Coachella

Join The Do LaB for their 9th year at Coachella 2013:

And then at Lightning in a Bottle July 11-15th:


Catz ‘n Dogs and Martin Dawson to release album as Different Marks: stream the first track 

Polish duo house Catz ‘n Dogz are preparing to release anUntitled album as Different Marks, their collaboration withMartin Dawson of Two Armadillos / King Roc fame. 

A press release for Untitled explains that the trio connected from their first studio session, and finished recording an album shortly before Dawson’s shocking death from an aneurysm on November 12 of last year. Speaking about the project, Catz ‘n Dogz Voitek remembers how “suddenly, this whole world, an unexplored territory, had opened up to us; one that seemed, on one hand, ultimately familiar, and on the other, totally new … Martin had started to play guitar again, Greg was digging through his old record collection looking for new inspiration, and all those years I spent in choir started to come in very useful.”

Untitled features contributions from Ben Westbeech, James Yuill, Glimpse and others, and will be released for free in June. The lead track from it, ‘Lavender Lady’, can be streamed here with a video set to follow.

01 Shiny Pennies feat. Cari
02 Can’t Figure Me Out feat. Ben Westbeach
03 Into The Night feat Mama
04 To Be Without Me feat. Glimpse
05 Lavender Lady feat. Paul Randolph
06 Motor Stepper feat. James Yuill
07 Lonely In My Room
08 We Are Young feat. Tanya Horo
09 If You Ask Me feat. Voitek Taranczuk
10 Ula
11 You Help Me feat. Nnaji

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Diplo to produce “EDM craze” film

20th Century Fox has acquired rights to a movie about the “electronic dance music craze”.

However, it is Diplo and his business partner, Kevin Kusatsu who will be producing the film. Kusatsu says the story is “like Eminem and Christopher Walken at a Manchester rave.”

It has been reported that the film will be about three teenagers trying to get into a Diplo festival. Or as Deadline Hollywood describes it, it’s “8 Mile meets Project X”.

Don’t get too excited, though, as the film is still in its pitching stage. 

This isn’t the first time Hollywood have tried to produce this type of film, ‘DJ Girl’ only went as far as having a trailer. Oh dear.

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