GDD™ Chats With Special Features + New Track

One of the UK’s best kept secrets, Eden Anderson aka Special Features, is on a path to international stardom with his trademark, melody-driven progressive house that is both emotionally moving and powerfully adrenalizing. Earlier this week, he marked his transition from a mega-remixer into a true producer’s role with his first solo original track, “Illusions,” released on the well-respected tastemaker label Big Beat Records.

We had a quick chat with the promising up and comer about the story behind “Illusions,” how he may want to be an astronaut, items on his bucket list, his future plans, and more. Check out Special Features‘ enlightening new track below and read the interview after the jump.

We have a first question tradition at GDD. What do you like to drink?
I’m a student. I’m not fussy and I drink whatever I can get my hands on as quick as possible. Wine is a good all-rounder!

Explain your musical background and how you have gotten to where you are today.
I started making music from a young age, and I took piano, drum and guitar lessons in school. I fell in love with dance music when I started music college and began making my own tracks shortly after!

So after taking a short hiatus, you’ve returned with a brand new single, “Illusions,” out now on Big Beat Records. Could you tell us a bit about it and how it came to be?
Illusions is a track that I worked on for a long time and I’m really happy that Big Beat picked it up on their label. It’s a track that I really connected with while I was making it and it contains a fusion of musical styles that have influenced me over the past few months.

London is often referred to as a hub of creativity, especially within dance music. How has living there shaped your tastes and sound? Are there any growing music trends in the city that you could shed light upon?
London is a place city full of diversity with a range of different cultures that I take inspiration from, but the constantly rainy weather doesn’t help! Deep house has made a huge come back over here and people are really into it at the moment.

What are your essentials in the studio?
My laptop, coffee and lots of snacks! Simple but effective :)

If you weren’t a producer, what would be your next profession of choice?
Tough question! Maybe a pilot? Astronaut? Professional beer drinker?

What activities outside of making music do you enjoy?
I’m in college so between studying and making music I don’t get much free time! I always enjoy catching up with friends and doing everyday student stuff (drinking).

What are three things on your bucket list?
Play Ultra/Coachella/Creamfields. Own a Llama. Lick my elbow.

Who are your favorite artists at the moment? Favorite tracks?
I’m really feeling the sounds coming from The M Machine, Oliver and Lamaitre at the moment. MYB -Oliver is sick!

What’s next for Special Features?
Lots of new original music and remixes!


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