Coachella Q&A w/ Paul Kalkbrenner

Germany’s Paul Kalkbrenner will be making his Coachella debut this weekend on Sunday from 5-6PM in the Sahara Tent, so we wanted to rap with him for a quick bit about his thoughts on the festival, his love of silence, album-driven music, and more in this quickfire Coachella Q&A. If you’re not familiar with Paul, definitely make your way over to his set on Sunday and we promise you’ll have a good time. Interview below…

GDD™: A Paul Kalkbrenner solo show in Europe is like a festival, ten thousand people or so. Do you still get excited playing a festival like Coachella?

PK: Of course! Playing a festival I have never played before and especially such a prestigious one as Coachella still gets me excited. I have heard a lot about Coachella and I am very curious to see finally for myself now.

GDD™: In the US to play massive stages you most likely have to have one foot in the commercial world. You’ve managed to avoid that in Europe, do you think you or anyone else could have managed that feat in America?

PK: I don’t know really. I have always tried to keep my freedom in all aspects, which worked out nicely so far. I do not intend to change that, no matter in which country.

GDD™: You seem like an album driven artist, most of your new music on with an album release, as opposed to lots of singles. Do you prefer the album format? Are there plans for any singles coming up?

PK: The album is THE format for me. I think this is the only way for me to release my music: in a complex album structure. I’m not such a fan of releasing single after single. There are plans for some new releases this year, but I cannot say much about this yet.

GDD™: You and your brother (Fritz) have worked together before, his career seems to be really exploding at present. Are there plans for more collaborations or joint shows together?

PK: Actually we have only worked on Sky And Sand together. Right now there are no plans for collaborations, because we are both pretty busy with hectic touring schedules, but who knows: Maybe one day we will do something together again.

GDD™: I know you rarely listen to other dance music, and make efforts to avoid it. Is that true of other genres of music as well?

PK: It is true. I rarely listen to music in general, as i really enjoy the moments of silence. If I do listen to music it would be classical music.

GDD™: It’s been a brutal European winter by all accounts, what you looking forward to while you’re in the desert?

PK: Very true. I think I mostly look forward to having bright sunshine throughout a whole day and not just one hour here and there while sitting in a plane.

GDD™: Finally if we see you at the bar, what are you drinking?

PK: I will be playing from 5-6pm at the Sahara tent, so drinking at the bar would only be afterwards. If you would see me then I guess I’ll be having a nicely chilled vodka & ginger ale.


And this is what he does…