[STREAM] Yolanda Be Cool – A Baru In New York feat. Gurrumul + Remixes

Yolanda Be Cool‘s massive rebranding effort from their 2010 hit single, “We No Speak Americano,” has proved to be very fruitful. Signing to Dim Mak Records for the U.S. release of their new album turned a lot of heads, and their mix for the label’s pool party in Miami stirred up a lot of passion. With many ID’s on their way according to some facebook activity, a new song and video titled, “A Baru In New York,” has come into being.

It features vocals from Gurrumul, an indigenous musician from the Australian continent who denied working with Sting, Elton John and Will.I.Am. At times it sounds similar to the hispanic language, but Gurrumul is most known for singing in his native language, Yolngu, the language of the northern Australian tribe bearing the same name.

Immediately the song kicks off with sounds similar to that of Mediterranean dance, and the track becomes this melting pot of beautiful worldly sounds. The most notable difference between tracks like this and their 2010 hit is the music’s ability to tell a story. The title translates to, “A Crocodile in New York,” and just like that the first single of their upcoming album, “Ladies and Mentalmen,” is born.

Possibly as a way to tide over the fans in the U.S. as Australia boasts of the “Ladies and Mentalmen” debut, a Flume remix to this single has surfaced on his Soundcloud. The remix features the title, “Flume Soundtrack Version,” and for good reason. It transports you instantly into the thicket of some tropical rains subsiding as the beat fades in and Gurrumuls indigenous chants make their presence known.

For me, the Flume version seemed to stay a lot more true to the native roots that may have inspired the song, and it was a journey in itself as the track takes you through its own story. When the horns come in and the rolling hi-hats articulate the beat, the song comes to a perfect climax as flutes guide you through the final chapter of the song.

Also featured as an official remix is a late night club anthem from Chocolate Puma. It plays out as a much more minimalistic rendition of the original, keeping the four on the floor beat prominent. It almost seems like each version of the track features different vocals, which makes listening to each different track a lot more interesting. Keeping very little the same, Chocolate Puma creates the ultimate remix for hair flips, strobe lights, and dimly lit clubs. April 12th is when you can expect to download the original and remixes of “A Baru In New York” and it can’t come quickly enough.