For The LOLs with Louisahhh!!!

One of my biggest delights in life is seeing a boss lady hold her own amongst a crew of dudes. Enter Louisahhh, the reigning queen of Bromance, a record label literally named with dudes in mind. After moving from down the street to the depths of Paris, I finally caught up with my fellow short-haired princess in Miami. After a lengthy and insightful lunch at The Standard, discussing the antics of the Bromance crew to the politics and progression of the industry, riding bikes and Avicii carts around South Beach, and an astoundingly ludicrous trip to Miami’s most infamous Hard 2 Leave strip club party, I left WMC as charmed as ever by one of the most soft-spoken yet commanding females I know. That could only mean one thing: get her on board for a LOLerview!

Check after the jump for a really delightful edition of For The LOLs, and make absolutely sure to check out her upcoming EP on Bromance, Transcend, out on the 22nd of April. It’s amazing.

1. What color is your unicorn?
He is turquoise and mirrored like a disco ball, and absolutely gigantic. When I’m having a hard time he nuzzles my head and breathes magic on me.

2. Last song that got stuck in your head?
‘Itty Bitty Cunty’ (B. Ames extended mix) ohmygod it is so good.

3. Most overrated thing about Paris?
The things that are applauded (art, food, music) generally deserve to be. The shortcomings that no one talks about include the postal system and the fact that a country that is so old and so good at so much can’t figure out a nice shower. You like, sit down in a tiny box and rinse yourself off with a handheld shower head until the hot water runs out (approx 3 minutes). It’s abhorrent. Get your shit together, Paris!

4. Favorite Bromance memory?
Whenever we have the chance to play as ‘Bromance All-Stars’, with everyone going back to back, is super fun. Also, the first time I played social club in 2011, Louis dropped ‘let the beat control your body’ for the first time (before it was even released) and the reaction was incredible. It was obvious we were onto something. The magic was tangible, I feel like my set from that night was also one of my best ever.

5. Coffee or Tea?
Tea unless I want a real punch in the face. Coffee makes me furious and anxious and I get very addicted to it, but sometimes I like to play with fire: not ‘do’ caffeine for a while and then order a quadruple espresso. The effect is magnificent, it feels insane.

6. One thing you wish your phone could do but doesn’t?

7. If you could build a house anywhere (on anything) in the world where would it be?
Techno Ranch. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere (wild, grassy bluffs overlooking an ocean) where I can train horses and trail run and make tracks and score films. This is a 20 year plan, anyway. Also involves a private jet. Let you know how it goes.

8. Most embarrassing childhood memory?
Oh man, I was a really awkward child/teen so choosing one is hard. Probably getting a sticky fly strip stuck in my hair, which at the time, went down to my waist. This was in front of the guy I had a crush on. Absolutely repulsive and mortifying!

9. I can’t go a day without:
My somewhat bizarre and highly specific morning ritual. I like to wake up, eat a protein bar and drink caffeine, answer emails (and troll instagram), read a spiritual text, meditate, pray, write, work out. Like clockwork, no matter what. I love it.

10. They need to start throwing parties in/at/on:
Abandoned Circuit City by Sunset and Virgil…pretty much any abandoned roller rink/grocery store/mall, really.

11. Which DJ would you challenge to a foot race?
There is a ferocious global crew developing. I know AC Slater, Craze, JDH, Matty Pipes, Mattie Safer, Craig Williams and Steven Rojas all run. Rather than racing them I like running the streets like a pack of wolves. Most of them are faster than me, probably, but I can outlast them for sure.

12. Music you listen to that you should probably be embarrassed by but aren’t?
Recently have been more ‘out’ about my love for Garbage. They were my first favorite band, when I was 13 I was totally obsessed. I love them so much I could puke.

13. An unconventional but still useful piece of advice:
Rather than self discipline (which for me has always come up short, feels like a painful rigid cage or fails utterly), try being a disciple of Love. Try asking yourself,”What would Love do”, in all of your actions and interactions. From washing the dishes to engaging with people you care about (even yourself). In my experience, the results are profound. It is a very challenging way to live, but extraordinarily beautiful.

14. You’ve got one day to take us on a tour anywhere around the world. What city, and where do we go?
NYC rooftops during summertime, between 4 and 7 am.

15. Telekinesis or invisibility?
Telekinesis for sure! I GOT NOTHIN 2 HIDE

16. If you could pie someone in the face, who would it be? What kind of pie?
Whipped creme for the effect. Drake because he looks like he needs some LOLs amiright?

17. Favorite slang word?
Anything that comes out of Jerome LOL or Waldo‘s mouth is pretty amazing.

18. Favorite comic series / tumblr series?
The one where Nic Cage’s face is photoshopped onto animals’ bodies. Also, Acid Jacks also has a tumblr where he screenshots his feedback for DJ promos that is pretty awesome.

19. Best tweet you’ve faved in the last month?
A ‘trapped in the closet’ soundboard (@drpartytime) or a link to a great article on Jerry Seinfeld from the nytimes magazine (@atrak).