[Interview] Seth Troxler at Winter Music Conference

Seth Troxler can’t be labeled or categorized. The Detroit-bred DJ and producer was voted #1 DJ on Resident Advisor last year and along with some of his closest buddies, runs the highly sought after dance label Visionquest. Our good friend and all-around rad dude Anibal Luque caught up with him in Miami during this year’s Winter Music Conference and tried to unravel some facets of his world. Catch the interview after the jump!

If you could choose three records for the perfect lazy Sunday, what
would they be and why?

Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth

It’s a great album. Possibly one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s just chill and beautiful music. The whole album has no drums. Just the name of the album is amazing: Colossal Youth. I love “Credit In The Straight World.”

Beat Happening – Beat Happening

My favorite album of all time– I have a tattoo on my back of the cover. I came across their album when I was a teenager in high school. It’s the band by Calvin Johnson, the guy who started Sub Pop records and K Records. Its one of the first groups from K Records in Olympia. In high school, it was the soundtrack of my youth. Its kind of a shitty band from this label owner but ya know, haha.

The Marine Girls’ first album. The Marine Girls was Tracey Thorn’s first band. Kind of surf-rock, really low key, all-girl band. And that’s Tracey Thorn from Everything But the Girl, which I had the pleasure to work with, to remix some of her work. Her voice is beautiful and the depths of her songs are the perfect soundtrack to any chill day or warm night. It’s beautiful.

Visionquest, your label with Ryan Crosson, Shuan Reeves, and Lee
Curtis, just put out a release today. Can you tell us about that?

The Footprintz album just came out! It’s been a labor of love. Maybe too much love, haha. It kind of failed in some ways. The band broke up but they made this seminal album. It came out on the internet just days before the release that the band broke up which isn’t the biggest help in trying to sell albums, haha. But the music is beautiful. It’s really amazing and perfect for the summer so I’m really excited about it.

What other releases do you have coming out?

We have this album from Wareika, an album from Dinky. We have this folk album that we’ve been working on trying to produce for about two and a half years since we started the label. We’re trying to do some reinterpretations from Ricardo Villalobos and [Matthew] Herbert and all these other people. We’re trying to do something else. We’re drawn to things that are different. It’s what
drives us the most. We have the label launch of Heel to Steel and an album with Analog Solutions, Trevino, and D-knox.

What else are you working on?

I’m starting a third label called Tuskegee with the Martinez Brothers. Heel to Steel and Tuskegee are vinyl only. It’s going to be an ethnic heritage educational label. Every record comes with an insert of a historical or influential black or Latino persona and a write up about them. It’ll come with a record that’s kind of a white label–like unnamed and with important up-and-coming or older black and Latino dance music artists. Being American and African, I notice that heritage is often overlooked and not put in the public so with the Martinez Bros being Puerto Rican and me being African American, we thought it would be cool. Plus the name is very strong: TUSKGAEE… It’s got some balls to it.

That’s amazing! Is it going to focus on certain cultures or genres of

It’s gonna be a house label but just the whole product of what it comes with is something more. With record labels, you could do a lot more and people are pretty close-minded whether its genre or branding or whatever so it’s interesting to take chances and come up with interesting new music concepts. Especially with so many people getting into dance music again. It’s important to push the boundaries. This label is going to be an outlet for people of those cultures not only to release [music] but to shed a positive light on unknown characters through the history of time that influence culture that not many people know about. Its cool, haha.

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