[REVIEW] The Do LaB Presents Emancipator, Little People, & Odesza @ The El Rey

Photo By: Timothy Norris

On Saturday, March 16th, the Portland-based electronica artist, Emancipator, graced Los Angeles with his presence at The Do LaB’s event held at the El Rey Theatre. With openers including the emerging indie-dance duo, Odesza, and the trip-hop mastermind, Little People, it was a particularly special night filled with excellent music, strong vibes, and a great crowd to match. Find out exactly how it all went down after the jump…


While setting foot inside the doors of the El Rey, Odesza was closing with their last song and the crowd erupted in applause shortly after their ending. It was unfortunate to miss their set as I had been looking forward to seeing them for some time after hearing their brilliant Summer’s Gone release.

Although the night began on the wrong foot, London’s own Little People quickly turned things around for the better with his soulful, tripped-out DJ set. Not only did he come through with his distinctively emotive brand of trip-hop, but he also brought out a very gifted female vocalist to supplement the already stunning performance. I must add that prior to this show, I was unfamiliar with the well-respected producer, but after seeing his breathtaking performance, I wasted no time in downloading his entire discography. I’d highly recommend checking out his music and seeing him in a live setting.

Immediately following Little People was the headliner for the night, Emancipator. With Emancipator’s absolutely incredible sunset set at Lightning in a Bottle 2011 in the back of my mind, I had high expectations for both Doug Appling as well as his live violinist Ilya Goldberg. Despite these expectations, I knew that I would leave more than satisfied with the moments of bliss that were sure to ensue.

Emancipator took the stage and promptly established a strong, soothing vibe that garnered a feeling of balance and unity amongst the crowd. His diverse blend of organic hip-hop-influenced beats and ethereal melodies matched with Ilya’s spine-tingling violin, all put to the psychedelic triangle-based visual backdrop, was unforgettable and powerfully moving. With notable tracks such as “When I Go,” the Tor remix of “Old Devil & Siren,” his Sigur Ros and Mobb Deep mix, “Shook,” and “Minor Cause,” there was a great variety of new and old offerings. After a brief pause building the anticipation for an encore, Emancipator went on to close with his latest album’s title track, “Dusk To Dawn,” for an appropriate finish to a perfect show.

Big ups to The Do LaB for bringing yet another spectacular event to Los Angeles.

Be sure to check out The Polish Ambassador, Papadosio, and Thriftworks tomorrow night, The Do LaB stage at Coachella, and of course, Lightning in a Bottle in July.


Watch this video recap for a more visual representation of the night:

The Do LaB presents Emancipator, Little People, Odesza at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on March 16th 2013 from The Do LaB on Vimeo.