[DOWNLOAD] 2 New Soulful Jams from LA’s Jean Raw

A few weeks back I included a new favorite up and comer of mine in my Dirt selection that produces under the moniker, Jean Raw — a Los Angeles native that came under my radar and hasn’t left since. While I was crossing the country the past two weeks on the #GDDRV, the dude unveiled two new remixes of some unlikely candidates, but each showcases the inherent talent I heard in his remix of Sam Smith that I originally fell in love with.

I’ve been listening to Sly and the Family Stone since I was in diapers, but I never thought they could sound like this. Jean Raw digs deep and comes out with an incredibly soulful House tune that gets emotional at times. Bits of funk here and there as well. An incredible re-creation.

From a solemn, sentimental downtempo introduction, Jean Raw takes this top notch Rhye track into an uplifting, tasteful Deep House remix. It’s been on repeat for the better part of the day, and it’s not getting old.

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