Pat Lok – Crazy Juice

Known from time to time to do the disco, Pat Lok is also not afraid to knock you on your ass.  His latest concoction, called “Crazy Juice”, is a fireball shot full of high energy + wild warehouse vibes, sure to get you wasted on the dancefloor.  151 proof, indeed.  If it were 4am and the rave was going strong, I don’t think anybody would be upset if a 30-minute extended version of “Crazy Juice” was all that was playing.  And if that’s not enough to go off of, just check out what his peers are saying:

Volta Bureau – “Diggin this one. Real jackin
Danny C90s – “BANGER
Nacey (Misun) – “Love this! Basslines over everything forever
Flash Mode – “Heavy man! Like Shadow Child on ecstasy
Laberge – “brb taking an E

Get jacked up on that “Crazy Juice”….

And his latest mix, “Digging Holes for Something”:

And finally, don’t forget to catch Pat Lok here:
March 30 w/ Bit Funk (Vancouver)
April 19 – Philadelphia
April 20 – Toronto