Para One talks Miami, Cam’Ron, and more

Para One is a busy dude with many musical talents: from having dipped in the honey pot of the rap scene a variety of times (his work with French group TTC, production creds on A$AP Rocky’s “Wild For The Night”) to being a part of his own label (Marble, with Teki Latex and Bobmo). After a well-regarded release of his track “Passion” last year, Para One is back with a bigger, badder version thanks to the vocal talents of none other than Cam’Ron. As a sidenote, I can’t write or think about Cam’Ron without seeing this picture in my head, so here. #killuh

I spoke to Para One yesterday just before his trek to the US to tour starting in Miami, where I’m sure inevitably we’ll run into each other. Another sidenote, a definite party to check out that we’ll be at and Para One will be playing at is Lil Death’s NYC vs Paris this Friday. So read on about what Para One had to say after the jump, and as for myself I hope to see many of you out and about!

Laura: Hi Jean-Baptiste! How are you?
Para One: I’m good yeah, good. Just hanging out.
L: Cool, you’re getting ready for Miami I assume…
PO: Yeah, I leave this week. I’m playing a couple of shows there and then I go to New York I think. I have a mix coming out in honor of Miami, I think it’s dropping on Billboard today.
L:I’ll keep a look out for it! I’m going to be at a few of your parties in Miami, the BNR Showcase and definitely Lil Death on Friday. Did Louis [Brodinski] ever tell you about it?
PO: About what? Oh, Lil Death? Yes he told me it’s a cool party and to play it but I don’t really know what to expect.
L: Haha, Louis loves it, I used to see him there often when he lived in LA. It’s a great party, it did really well there. It’ll be cool to see what happens with it on Friday. Lots of cool people there.
PO: I see, I see.
L: Is this your first time in Miami during WMC?
PO: No, no. I went in 2007 and played a bunch of shows there, an Institubes showcase, a party with MSTRKRFT and other people. Yeah, it was a good time.
L: Ah, Institubes. Miss it. So tell me, how did this whole thing with Cam’Ron come about? Did you reach out to him or did he to you?
PO: We reached out to him. It worked out really nicely. It was Busy P who first brought it up to me that we needed a cool rapper on the track. He said it was big, we could get a big rapper on it. That way we can push it, bring it to the US and make it more relevant I guess.
L: Well I’m sure French people and Americans both love Cam’Ron a lot.
PO: Haha, yeah. So yes, we said we didn’t want to just do remixes, we wanted to do a new version with a rapper on it. So we got the whole team together and we were just like ‘Who do we get on this?’ and someone brought up Cam’Ron and we were just like ‘Yeah! Let’s do it!”. I had a contact, it worked out really nicely.

L: Whoa, rad. I love when that happens. So that’s coming out today right?
PO: It was supposed to, but we had Surkin come out today so we pushed the release to next week so we weren’t having two out on the same day.
L: Makes sense. I was going to say I only saw the pre-sale on iTunes.
PO: Yeah, yeah, next week. Next Monday.
L: Who did the artwork? It’s so cool!
PO: Ah, it’s this guy Jonathan Zawada, he’s an Australian guy. We’ve also worked with him before and he had a couple of things for us so that was easy. He’s a good friend, he works for sixpack which is a clothing brand from France that we work with as well.
L: So everything really fell into place with this it seems! Is that how it went with the remixers too?
PO: For the most part, yes. Actually yes. Canblaster is close with us and works next door with all the Club Cheval guys so that was quite simple. Girl Unit at first I was not so sure he would be able to do it but he said he’d be happy to so it worked out.

L: I love both of them. Really cool, original thinkers.
PO: Definitely.
L: So who are you excited to see, in Miami or just on tour in the states?
PO: Oh, everybody really. I’m excited to do everything, go to all of the parties. I’m going to try to do as much as possible in Miami. There’s so much going on.
L: Yeah, and it gets crazier every year. Any artists in particular, like that you’re doing a show with?
PO: There are some that don’t get to play as much in France or in Europe, people like Flosstradamus who I’m playing with in New York.
L: Oh yeah, they’ve had a massive year. Like, MASSIVE.
PO: Yeah I’m excited for them. A few others too.
L: Is trap as big of a thing in France as it is here?
PO: It’s definitely around, I see it a lot, maybe it doesn’t bring as many people as it does in the states but that’s not a surprise. I mean, these trends come and go but I’m excited to see what happens with it. There’s some cool stuff, the popularity may fade but I’m not sure.
L: Yeah it got REALLY popular REALLY fast here. OK, so other than obviously the Surkin release and your new release with Cam’Ron, what else is slated for Marble?
PO: Hmmm, yes obviously my release, we’ve got a bunch of stuff in line as well. The next release is Bobmo, we’re working on a compilation. Mid, from Club Cheval, will release something soon too.
L: Dope, a compilation! Are you guys still doing the Marble Players thing?
PO: You know, it’s so funny when we play as Marble Players people always expect that we’re a band. So we show up and DJ and people get confused. So we’re going to open up the platform to other people as well, kind of like a Marble All-Stars sort of thing.
L: Yes! Sounds awesome.
PO: Yeah we’ve got some people involved, we had Drop The Lime working with us when he was out here, Jerome LOL too. The stuff we made will be out on the compilation.
L: Haha, Jerome is so funny. You must have had fun with those two.
PO: Oh yeah.
L: OK, question I always ask is what do you have to have with you in the studio? Obviously some equipment and good speakers, but anything quirky?
PO: You know, in the studio I’ve started realizing that tea is really good. It keeps me focused and inspired. Works much better than coffee. I keep a big thermos of it with me all day, it makes me feel like a bit of a grandma, haha.
L: I love tea. My boss is really serious about it, he drinks like 8 cups a day. He can go through a box of 50 bags in no time.
PO: Yeah, once you get into it you get really into it and start buying the good stuff and more and more of it. But tea is good for you so it’s okay.
L: I know exactly how that goes. Haha. What about something imaginary, or something you wish you had but didn’t?
PO: Oh, you know what would be cool is to have like a hologram floating around that just randomly changes shapes and colors. Like a projection or something. So when I get uninspired or stuck I can just watch it instead of starting at a wall.
L: That is such a good idea. I like it.
PO: Something I wish I had, definitely a window.
L: I just talked to Samo Sound Boy a few weeks ago and he said the same thing. He has a big studio with Jerome, I’m sure you’ll end up there if you’re with him in LA. Last question, GDD tradition we ask everyone, what’s your favorite drink?
PO: Hmm… my favorite. Moscow mule. For sure. It’s like cinnamon flavored vodka and lime and soda.
L: I love them!
PO: Yes, you know what they are? They drink them everywhere in Japan. It’s like their vodka soda. That’s my favorite place to drink one.
L: Really? I didn’t know. I’ve never heard the cinnamon bit, just ginger beer and vodka with lime.
PO: Yeah, that’s it. I was just thinking of the spice from the ginger and cinnamon came to mind.
L: Makes sense. They’re all over LA, I’ll have to remind you where the good ones are at when you’re here next week.
PO: Oh yeah, next week. Wow, so fast.
L: I know. Crazy. Well anyway, thanks so much for doing this dude, I’m sure I’ll run into you in Miami and we can talk in person. Hopefully there’ll be a mule to chat over as well.
PO: Cool. Thank you! See you later.