[Review] Steve Lawler’s Viva Warriors Party at Fire Nightclub, London

Ever week over the summer Steve Lawler curates a night in Ibiza inspired by the 1979 cult classic, The Warriors, called “Viva Warriors”. Two weeks ago on March 2nd he brought this special night to London, in which I was able to attend.

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As I hopped in the cab with my brother and his girlfriend, our driver was immediately surprised with our destination. He said he’d never had Americans ask to be taken to Fire Nightclub. We arrived and immediately saw hundreds of people queued up, wrapping around the building. If this was any indication of what was to come, we knew we were about to experience something special.

After a brief wait in line we walked into the club at 12:30 AM. A haze of sweat and smoke machines engulfed Room 1 as the Martinez Brothers warmed up the ever-so-ready party people. Fire nightclub is fitted with 6 rooms and function one sound ramped to maximize the clubber’s listening pleasure. Needless to say this was unlike any venue seen throughout the states

I maneuvered through the mazes of hallways and packed dance floors to grab beverages from patio bar, then headed back into the madness. All the DJ’s working the supporting rooms were keeping the vibes on point with bass music, techno, and deep house scattered in each area.

I quickly lost sense of time, finding myself standing in room one at 2:30 AM with Steve Lawler leading the party to its peak. The haze in the room and LED screen outlined him in an omniscient form as he demonstrated why he runs this night weekly in Ibiza. White noise machines blasted through the main room as each tune would build up and drop. The warriors of the night were out in full force. As cliche as it sounds, hours turned to minutes and his two and a half hour set was coming to a close. Around 4:40 AM I looked around the room and saw no signs of this party slowing down. Tiefschwarz seamlessly took control and continued the groove delivering his signature techno style.


By 5:30 AM jetlag and my habit of double fisting jack and cokes caught up to me.  My group made our way out of the club into the silent London morning. We hopped in the cab, grinning the whole way home. What an introduction to my first night in London!

I’d like to thank Viva Music, all supporting DJ’s, and Kish Communications for making this incredible night possible.