GDD™ Guest Mix: Kelly Dean

It’s March. Jesus. Just about that time where everyone’s well into the swing of their year (at least they better be), which means it’s time for me to interrupt your regularly programmed schedule and shake things up a bit. GDD’s guest mix gets dark and heavy this week. Like… really dark and heavy. Que me grinning and doing this. Enter Kelly Dean.

A few weeks ago I asked my dear friend Kelly Dean if he’d like to throw down his talents on the Guest Mix over here at GottaDanceDirty, and being the lovely gentleman he happily obliged. I knew he’d turn up with something awesome, and did he ever! I’ll be the first to admit I fully get down with doing finger-circles and cheesing to house or disco or whatever, but I’ll be damned if deep, dark, true dubstep doesn’t absolutely set me off in the best possible way.

I’m ecstatic with this mix, it’s a really special showcase of a sound that is hugely underrated and often misunderstood in its pure form. I’ve always been a huge advocate of the stuff that LA’s own SMOG and its artists push through, it’s a special kind of thing brought here to the states that really created a unique movement. Some really cool exclusives in the mix, which in its hour really traverses quite intelligently across the blackened spectrum of Kelly Dean’s world. Listen, enjoy, and stay dark. Thanks Kelly.

1. Loefah – Mud VIP (feat. Sgt. Pokes) – Planet Mu
2. JKenzo – No Mans Land (feat. Footsie) – Tempa
3. Kelly Dean – Firewall – Smog
4. Genetix – Going In – Biscuit Factory Records
5. Piezo – Comma – Fat Kid On Fire
6. Sparxy – Antidote – Dub
7. Distance & Cyrus – Titan – Chestplate
8. Sunchase & Nickbee – Tongue Lash (feat. Codebreaker & Sense) – Dubzilla
9. Asylum – Blindfold – Uprise Audio
10. Biak – Ancient Crafts – Sub Pressure Dub
11. Piezo – The Omen – Nomad Dub
12. Mesck – Altered States (Kelly Dean Remix) – Dub
13. Living Proof – Distant Shadows – Gradient Audio Dub
14. Gridlok – The American Dream (Mesck Remix) – Project 51 Dub
15. Dubtek – Annul – Dub
16. Commodo – Querky – Untitled!
17. Dubtek – Survival – Dub
18. Jafu – Impulse – Sub Pressure Dub
19. Rowl – Fountain – Smokin Sessions
20. Commit & Maltrices – From Way Up Here – Deep Heads
21. Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune Feat. Christine Hoberg (Truth Remix)