For the LOLs with Salva

Sometimes I like to think I have a sense of humor. Most of the time I end up just realizing that I have really boisterous opinions and too many platforms with which to express them, but that is neither here nor there.

One of the infinite pleasures of the industry is that the vast majority of DJs and producers are weirdos like me which oft goes fairly unnoticed in regular interviews. Cue my brilliant idea to enhance and embrace this weirdness & just get a bit silly with some of my favorite LOL-worthy artists. So stay tuned for “For the LOLs” to become a more regular thing, cuz if there’s one thing I know Gotta Dance Dirty loves as much as music it’s pure jokes. And whiskey. And stickers on butts. I digress.

My first LOL-erview is with the ever amazing Salva, I’ll leave you to just enjoy the rest after the jump. If you ever have a question you’d like to ask or an artist you’d love for me to chat with, hit @GottaDanceDirty or myself (@lauradambuleff) on Twitter. Stay weird.

1. Favorite thing to put in a sandwich.
Macaroni & cheese and BBQ sauce. Or left over hamburger helper will suffice. (carbs on carbs on carbs)

2. If you could be any member of N*Sync other than JT who would you be and why?
JC Chasez cuz he’s a G and did a song with Basement Jaxx…let’s be real he’s handsome.

3. Last song that got stuck in your head?
Game of Thrones theme song always playing in my head.. I envision gallant ballroom dancing with my leige lady and feasting on lamprey pie and suckling pig.

4. Favorite rap beef?
Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy (and Yung Joc…and Nas…and Nicki Minaj…and Yo Gotti…and…)

5. Most unconventional but still really helpful piece of advice?
“If you’re too straight for it, then don’t watch it! Turn the TV off motherfucker!” – Rick James … but reapply to internet though. :)

6. White water rafting or climbing a mountain?
Rafting cuz I’m a lazy piece of shit I just wanna sit all day even in nature…probably tweet while I’m at it.

7. What’s your ring tone?
Whatever that shit sound is Apple won’t let you change it :( Used to have Bubba Sparxx – Ugly (instrumental) when I had a Motorola.
(sidenote: Salva you are an absolute amateur. GarageBand works like a charm.)

8. Most brilliant lyric on
Throw more combos
Than a Taco Bell menu
Yellowbone companion
I done left her grandma stranded

– Riff Raff

9. Create the newest award category at the Grammy’s:
I went on a Twitter rant on Grammy day .. fan favorite was “Outstanding performance in triplet 808 high hats programming, non-trap genre.”

10. Song you love but we’ll never hear on “In New DJs We Trust”?
Complete Katy Perry discog…she’s my Zooey Dechanel with big boobs.

11. Most ridiculous thing you’ve gotten away with in the clerb?
Oh let’s see…full and deep R.E.M. sleep in the booth, playing world of warcraft, sex, drugs, eating cheeseburgers while DJing, also think I did my taxes on TurboTax once on tour.

12. Latest purchase from Slauson swap meet?
Cut off baseball jacket with hoodie with embroidered doberman pincher sigil.. co-designed by SUS BOY. Instagram coming soon.

13. If you could be a pastry what would you be?
Boston creme……you know why.

14. Boobs or butts?
The age old conundrum…how does a man choose?

15. Funniest tweet you fav’d in the last month:
Check @robdelaney — read his whole timeline it will make you happy.