American Royalty – Prismatic

My favorite psych-rock experimental group is at it again.  American Royalty just released their highly anticipated EP entitled Prismatic, on Guns in the Sun Records, and it is quite the harmonious gem with sweeping sound waves and infectious hooks.  No 2 songs alike, each spectacularly different and moving in their own way.  The music depth and versatility is extremely apparent in this album, and apparent upon your first listen.  I’m confident you’ll be back for much more.

Quote by American Royalty regarding the track “Hungry”:
“Hungry is one of the first songs that we ever wrote in a live setting rather than a studio. We’re very excited about the way its transitioned into a recorded number, but honestly for us, its always been about that heavy bass hitting you in the chest. So turn it up.”

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Press Release after the Jump

American Royalty, the NYC by way of LA psych-pop trio, will recently released their new EP Prismatic via Guns In The Sun Records.  Despite being in their relative infancy as a band, American Royalty (Billy Scher, Marc Gilfry, Mathew Ungson) have been able to develop a distinctive style, characterized by forward-thinking electronic production, timeless blues musicianship and electrifying vocals.  The 5-track tour-de-force that is Prismatic showcases the trio’s sublimely versatile sound, including the hypnotic Honey & Queen, hook-driven anthem Hungry, and minimal neo-soul ballad Mariah.

At its core, Hungry is a blues song, but a blues song that certainly doesn’t come off sulking as much it does awakening.  The band summons all rock n’ roll chops on this track, chops built to strut in the 21st century.  Massive chorus guitar riffs are doubled with thick distorted synths and booming 808 kick drums, joined by filtered vocal hooks and snare drum rimshot hits rolling throughout the tune that sound like they were stolen from a warehouse techno track.

For a slower pace, take a listen to Mariah. Mariah strips back all the noise and shows us the soul and blues at the heart of the American Royalty operation. A lovely floating vocal weaves through the overtly stripped back bass and drums, moved along by hypnotic swirlings of guitar and synth. The song’s texture builds as it goes on, as if to match the increasingly anticipated swoon of the chorus, leaving the listener longing for more when the simple ballad comes to an end.