Bondax – Gold [Moon Boots Remix]

Every month, The Magician releases a Magic Tape without a track list.  Each time, listeners across the land try to be the first one to solve the case & figure out every song in the mix.  But every time, without fail, there’s always one or two mystery tracks that stump the listeners.  This month, our boy Moon Boots was the man responsible for the mystery remix on Magic Tape Thirty.  While most listeners knew that the third song on Magic Tape Thirty was “Gold” by Bondax, nobody was quite sure who the remixer was.  Once they found out, the reaction was a collective “Ah, I should’ve known it was him”.  To nobody’s surprise, they knew it was going to be somebody they loved.

Moon Boots’ remix of “Gold” is classy and sophisticated, the kind of speakeasy house music that you put on a suit and tie for…or your sexiest cocktail dress.  No cheap whiskey & ripped tees for this one.  A song like this must be accompanied with a bottle of your finest.  And a gold watch of course.

Smooth + elegant…