Samo Sound Boy talks Magical Properties, Body High, Miami shenanigans and more


Daedelus has always been a champion of pushing unique live presentations, and his Magical Properties tours are a wonderful platform with which to showcase both his amazing live show and the wonderful talent he chooses to bring on board. This time he’s joined by the likes of “the remix Ryan Gosling” Ryan Hemsworth and Body High boss Samo Sound Boy for a 6 week tour, with pop-up support from Salva, Shlohmo, and Two Fresh.

I spoke with Samo Sound Boy just as the weekend was approaching about the tour and what’s up in his world and the Body High world. Samo’s a really great dude who I’m super pleased to see hopping on the Magical Properties tour. Go peep our conversation after the jump, where we talk about California weather, how to party in Miami, studio essentials, and more:

Laura: Hey Sam! How are you dude? Are you loving this amazing weather or what?
Samo Sound Boy: Oh I know, it’s so amazing out. I’m actually in a dark studio by myself, haha. But going to grab lunch was amazing.
L: Seriously. So what are you up to this week?
S: I’ve actually got a lot going on, mostly just getting ready to leave next week… finishing up some stuff in the studio, getting a lot of Body High stuff wrapped up & in a good place.
L: Where are you off to?
S: On Thursday I’m off to Chicago, that’s where the tour starts.
L: Rad. How long is the tour?
S: It’s about six weeks I think. The 21st of February until April 6th.
L: Whoa, that’s crazy. So are you guys doing SXSW and Miami on this tour?
S: The tour is not technically rolling through Austin for South By, but we’re all gonna be there. I think we all have things to do, I know on my end we have our big Body High showcase happening on the Tuesday of SXSW. Magical Properties isn’t going through Miami, but I’m hopping off the tour to go down there. They’ll be in Colorado I think, so I’ll be in Miami during those dates and then I’ll hop back on the tour after.
L: So where are we gonna see Samo Sound Boy during these showcases in Austin and Miami then?
S: My big thing for SXSW is the Body High party, it’s our second year, in the same location which is this awesome rooftop. It’s totally free, it’s gonna be awesome. We have a big lineup planned, Delivery, DJ Funeral, DJ Uniique, who’s a young woman from New Jersey. We just started working with her, it’s her first SXSW. We’ve got some cool special guests too.

L: Fun! So bummed I’m missing out.
S: Yeah dang, wish you were coming! OK so then in Miami we’re doing this hotel party from some ridiculous hour I think it’s 4AM to like 8AM on Friday… I guess Saturday morning, haha.
L: Well, that’s the way to do it in Miami.
S: Yeah exactly, we’ll all be up any way so we might as well just have a party.
L: And you’ve got the bonus of having it in the hotel, so everyone can just wake up from their nap, go party, then maybe try and sleep again. But probably not. Haha. So tell me a little bit about your relationship with Daedelus & what you’re excited about for the tour. I mean I know this is not the first Magical Properties tour, they always have a cool & I guess unique way of bringing this tour to life…
S: Yeah, Daedelus is really cool. To be honest, we don’t even know each other particularly well! We’ve met a couple of times, but I think really where it came from with me jumping on board was him just wanting to really shake things up, I think he’d heard my stuff and thought I’d keep things interesting.
L: So you’re supporting with Ryan Hemsworth and Salva as well, all of you are sort of seen in the industry as young, forward-thinking artists. What do you think is an important part, so to speak, of being a “pusher” of new stuff? What sort of assets do you and a label like Body High bring to the tabel that is keeping things so fresh?
S: Man, I really just think it’s because everyone is really just doing their own thing. The reason we can put out all this crazy music ourselves and on Body High is because the only people we have to answer to are ourselves. It’s one thing to just sort of get it out there, but what we do is we just play our stuff and the label stuff all the time. For me, the best part of all this is figuring out how to play all the stuff we release. It’s exciting, Certain parties, people know everything, especially at conferences and stuff. But a lot of times, it’s the first time people hear a lot of the tracks I play, so I spend a lot of time practicing how to sort of make all of it work in the best possible way, to break it open to everyone in a way that doesn’t alienate anyone or freak anyone out too much. I’d love to introduce all of it to people the best way I can, I guess.
L: Right. Well it’s gotten you this far. So going off Body High, you’re in your second year now, right?
S: Yup.
L: So what’s coming up this year for the label?
S: We have a lot of stuff planned for this year. We did 10 releases last year, I think this year we’re going to do between 10 and 12. We’re expanding a bit in that a lot of the stuff, for one we’re going to try to release a full LP. Possibly, haha. We’re definitely working towards it, getting everything in place to do it justice. We’ve got really cool EPs and singles coming from I’d say about 50% people who you’ve seen on Body High, building on that momentum, but we’re also introducing some new acts as well that are really cool. I’m excited about that.

L: You had a great year, a lot of well-deserved buzz going, some good attention paid to you for being such a grassroots kind of label. What’s different for you guys now this year?
S: We’re lucky now because we do have more people helping out, but still it’s really just us doing all of the work. The cool thing though is that now a lot of cool DJs and people we really respect are being so supportive. You know, people will open our emails now. Haha.
L: Hahahaha. That’s important. OK, on to some sillier questions. What’s going on at the studio?
S: Well we’ve got a really cool set up. I started renting out this spot in MacArthur Park which is essentially three really small rooms. So I have one room, the other room is where Max is, he does all of our design work for the label. The third room is where Greg Shin from Delivery does his thing. He’s got this really incredible studio set-up with all of this amazing equipment. He just moved in this week, and it’s been amazing because he’s really good with helping people learn how to use it, he’s very patient so it’s great. He’s working on an EP for Body High too.
L: Wow, how cool. It takes a lot to have the patience to teach people how to use stuff like that.
S: Yeah. All of a sudden we have all of this stuff at our disposal so I’m pretty pleased about that. In terms of my studio routine, I come here every morning and handle all the label business, then in the afternoon I sink into my own stuff and just carry on with that into the night.
L: So if you could have anything real or imaginary in the studio with you, what would you have?
S: Uhm, we really need a mini-fridge.
L: Haha! That’s a very good call.
S: The water from our sink is horrible. I want a mini-fridge. It’s necessary.
L: Very. Especially if you’re there all day. Alrighty, who are some of your favorite artists or releases as of late?
S: Oh man, I really like the stuff that Dubble Dutch has started putting out. “Self Help Riddim” came out last year, but I guess he just released the full EP this week. That song is awesome.

L: I just listened to it on SoundCloud. Love Dubbel Dutch. What’s one of the most ridiculous things you’ve gotten away with in the club?
S: I don’t think I can say that. Hahaha.
L: Second most ridiculous thing.
S: Hmmmm….. I can’t even remember. Something with Jerome.
L: Salva just told me he’s done shit like eating hamburgers in the club, taking full naps in the booth…
S: Oh you know what, last December in Miami for Art Basel my friends and I just fully snuck into LIV. Richie Hawtin was playing, we just walked under the ropes right in front of security, and yeah that was the first time I’ve ever been to LIV ironically, haha.
L: Good memories. Yeah I’ve been there once and definitely have some absurd stories about that place… OK, last question. GDD tradition. What are you drinking? Beverage of choice.
S: Seltzer. That’s my favorite.
L: Mine too!
S: Yeah, my mom bought me a Soda Stream. It’s awesome, I drink seltzer all the time.
L: Look at you! Fancy. Well when I come to the Body High studio we’ll make some custom seltzers.
S: That’s what will go in the mini-fridge!
L: “Body High Seltzers by Samo Sound Boy”
S: YES!!!! A blue one and a yellow one.
L: Perfect. Well thanks so much Sam.
S: Thanks Laura. See you soon.