Salva releases “Odd Furniture”

2013 has only just begun and Salva is already having a hell of a year. After announcing his primetime slot on BBC Radio 1’s “In New DJs We Trust” (along with the wholly deserving Brodinski), running train on the blogs by dropping a collab with Brenmar “Let Me Bang” and an early preview of “Drop That B”, finishing a quick US tour, and laying down a rowdy set to a massive post-Grammy’s crowd last night at Drai’s, he’s dropping his first EP of the year Odd Furniture… and doing it early.

Friends of Friends, the label releasing the EP, is no stranger to early release dates, and as of late I’ve seen quite a few surprises from the LA collective in regards to announcements and EP drops. Two days early, Odd Furniture is here and ready to get any club or good car stereo system live. In classic Salva style (and perhaps in homage to the EP title), he traverses across a multitude of styles and influences… such as Miami Bass, juke, 90’s vocals, hip-hop, and even … hydraulics?

The EP starts with “Get A Life” a doubled-up, fast-paced juke styling. “Drop That B” is easily the winner sonic wise of the EP due to Salva’s careful yet tongue-in-cheek cuts that bring hydraulics into the club to massive effect. “Hard Drive” keeps the pattern of choppy vocal repetition (this time hilariously saying “Back it up” …. you get it) with tons of snares & wailing synths laid on top. “Rest In 3-Piece” is the least manic of the tracks, and follows through on its namesake. “BBQ” has definitive Miami sunshine vibes & groovy drum progressions.

All in all Salva puts together an audacious EP that like its imprint is clever and one step ahead of the game. Though the EP is wholly meant to be appreciated on a rambunctious club system, Salva presents himself once more as a figure in the music scene who knows what he’s doing and is an easy go-to for what’s going to pop off. Odd Furniture is one of many evidences in Salva’s extensive musical repertoire and leaves me excited for the stylings and sounds he’ll bring forth in this years BBC Radio 1 programming & future releases.

You can buy the EP over on the Friends of Friends Bandcamp page HERE, it only costs $5 or whatever you think it’s worth (psst… more than $5).