[Review] Feed Me with Teeth, Webster Hall

Ever since Feed Me announced his new stage production back in 2011 I have been itching to see him live. I’ve had the opportunity many times, but every time he was in town it was just my luck that he hadn’t brought the Teeth with him. Dominating the stage with a menacing grin and evil slits for eyes, his twist on the traditional LED wall is a sight to behold. Add that to his crazy awesome production and you’ve got one hell of a show. Find out what went down at his Webster Hall double header last week after the jump!

For nearly 20 minutes after the conclusion of Mord Fustang’s set the rowdy crowd stood with growing anticipation as we waited for the big black curtain dominating the stage to fall. Suddenly all the lights dimmed and we heard the deep rumbling bass signature to the Feed Me sound. Cheers rang out as finally the curtain was raised to reveal a huge fang filled LED grin and a wall of lights back lighting the solitary figure, seemingly in the brain of the beast, controlling the sound.

Starting off strong with “To  the Stars” Feed Me soon transitioned into “Relocation,” one of my all time favorites. The dark melodic notes filling and overwhelming the sold out crowd in the massive ballroom of Webster Hall was an unbeatable experience to say the least.

Over the next hour Feed Me transitioned between his dubstep, drum and bass and electro originals dropping tracks like “Blood Red,” Green Bottle,” “Whiskers” with Gemini, “Cloudburn” with the soaring vocals of Tasha Baxter and “Silicone Lube” all leading up to an intense DnB finale with “Trapdoor” featuring Hadouken.

The night ended on a feel-good loving note, however, when Jon dropped his collaboration with Crystal Fighters “Love Is All I Got” causing a Webster wide sing-a-long and a great end to a great night. Make sure to check out the Teeth and the rad show at the Fonda Theater if you’re in LA this weekend. 100% guarantee it will be worth it!

All photos courtesy of Inthebooth Photography.