GDD™ Morning Update: Eric Prydz, Insomniac/LA Times, Rinse FM, Ministry of Sound, David August

• Listen: Eric Prydz steps up again for the Essential Mix
Insomniac combats ‘deadly mix of drugs and raves’ story
Rinse FM reveal new radio shows
• Boris Johnson to decide the future of Ministry of Sound this month
• David August to release debut album, Times


Listen: Eric Prydz steps up again for the Essential Mix

Swedish dynamo Eric Prydz may be no closer to getting on that plane to Australia, but at least we can admire his DJing from afar. Prydz recently turned in another two-hour session for Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and once again he’s stacked it with his own productions. The DJ’s last appearance on Tong’s show was with a live recording from Creamfields in 2011. Pryda weapons make up the bulk of the 2013 mix, with a flash of Cirez D and his own name. The man’s protégéJeremy Olander is also strongly represented, along with Christopher KahTonja Holma and Not Mani. “I never play the same set twice,” Prydz said of his DJing philosophy last time he spoke to inthemix. “Maybe I know the track I want to start with, but I always improvise from there. You can’t really plan.”

Having moved to L.A. to stake his place in the booming North American dance market, Prydz has picked up a residency in Las Vegas for 2013. Wynn Casino announced a roll-call of over 40 residents for its clubs Encore, Surrender, Tryst and XS, with Prydz listed alongside the likes of Avicii,AfrojackDavid Guetta and Skrillex. Then came the announcement of the concept for his Vegas stint, titled Black Dice.

“Las Vegas has always been known for that glamour,” Prydz says as he strolls the Strip in the promo video for Black Dice. “We want to change things around a bit, darken things up and strip things down. I think the sound of the music I produce and play Las Vegas hasn’t really heard yet. That’s the whole idea of Black Dice as a night; it’s about pushing something new on the city. We want to do something brand new that Vegas hasn’t seen before.”

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Insomniac combats ‘deadly mix of drugs and raves’ story

Insomniac – the production team behind Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland and other U.S. dance behemoths – has issued a ‘Call To Action’ to fans. Insomniac is reacting to a front-page story in the Los Angeles Times titled ‘A fatal toll on concertgoers as raves boost cities’ income’. The Times links a list of “drug-related medical emergencies” to events run by Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella and fellow L.A. promoter Reza Gerami.

In the call to action, the company asks that its fans – referred to as ‘Insomniac’s headliners’ – engage in the discussion and email the reporters responsible for the story. The letter reads: “As part of their mission to twist facts to suit their sensational story, the L.A. Times treated the opinions of a few people as gospel, turned everyone who enjoys electronic music events into villains, and ignored anyone that did not agree with their biased opinion.” The letter goes on to state that ecstasy is “a global problem”, not one particular to dance music events. See the full statement below.

In The Times article, the reporters write: “As raves have moved into the mainstream, there have been more tragedies across the country…According to an analysis of coroners’ and law enforcement reports from nine states, most of the deaths were linked to Ecstasy or similar designer drugs — hallucinogens tightly bound with raves. Despite warnings of drug risks from law enforcement and health officials, the raves have received the blessing of local governments hungry for the revenue they deliver.” They also add: “Death by Ecstasy – a drug that enhances the effect of the beat-heavy music and pulsing lights of raves – can be torturous.” Rotella and Gerami declined to be interviewed for the story.

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Rinse FM reveal new radio shows

Rinse FM have revealed some exciting new additions to their roster.

The man leading the charge in this crop of new DJ talent is dubstep connoisseur V.I.V.E.K who will be appearing on Thursday nights along with XXXY, Klose One, Dusky, Paleman, Breach and Bicep (pictured) who will appear in various slots throughout the week.

If you missed any of the shows you can catch up here.

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Boris Johnson to decide the future of Ministry of Sound this month

Mayor of London Boris Johnson will decide the future of Ministry of Sound nightclub this month.

On February 26, a judgement will finally be made as to whether a 41-storey residential tower block can be built opposite the club.

The fate of Ministry has been in the balance since the start of 2010, when plans to build the block were unveiled. Bosses at Ministry reckon that if it is approved, noise complaints from residents could shut the club down.

A battle between Ministry and property developers has been raging ever since, with the club starting a numerous petition campaigns to try and deter any possible building plans.

Ultimately, the Mayor of London has the final call. About a year ago Ministry put Boris on its guestlist in an attempt to show him how important the club is to London life.

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David August to release debut album, Times

David August will release his debut album, Times, in March.

The young German producer, real name David Nattkemper, hails from Hamburg but is currently studying a “Tonmeister” course at Berlin’s University of Arts which focuses on both developing studio skills and classical music knowledge. Times will see release through Diynamic Music, the Solomon-helmed label Nattkemper first appeared on in 2010 with the Instant Harmony EP. Since then he’s released another two 12-inches on Diynamic: Peace Of Conscience and You Got To Love Me, both of which came out in 2011. “I wanted to combine all my musical experience in my debut,” said the producer, who took a year off from playing gigs to focus on producing the album.

01. Help Me Through
02. For Eternity
03. Phenomena
04. Anthem
05. Consolation 1
06. Until We Shine feat. Yvy
07. I Don’t Care About Your Goal
08. Hommage feat. Wanja
09. Blossom
10. Velvet
11. Consolation 2
12. Watch Your Step
13. Voices From The Dust
14. Forgive Me If I Bleed

Diynamic will release David August’s Times on March 11th, 2013.

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