GDD Chats with Maribou State & Pedestrian

Pets Compilation Friends Will Carry You Home Too Part 1

Whilst everyone was likely busy prepping their stomachs and couches for Superbowl Sunday, I was catching up with some of my favorite young producers from England, Maribou State and Pedestrian, via a fun little Twitter interview. I’ve been really stoked on what these guys have been doing for quite a while (matter of fact, I think Maribou State were one of the first groups I ever interviewed…) so when they sent over their amazing new collab track “Mask” I knew it was time for a chat again. Out on Pets Recordings today, “Mask” is a truly beautiful tune & actually just got announced as Radio 1’s track of the week. The lush amount of positive feedback is a step in a very well-deserved direction for the boys & I’m eager to see where they go next.

Read more about what “the boys from the Shire” are up to about the moment, a few of their favorite things, and more after the jump! Be sure to turn in to all of our Twitter interviews by following us on Twitter at @GottaDanceDirty & feel free to chime in with your own question using the #AskGDD hashtag!

@GottaDanceDirty: Hey @mariboustate @PedestrianUK! Ready?
‏@PedestrianUK: Yep! Bare with us, we’re in a barn in the middle of nowhere, internets not so popular out here…
‏@mariboustate: Here’s a look into our middle of nowhere barn/studio/bar/hotel/retreat #nohomo
@GottaDanceDirty: bare or bear? πŸ˜‰ how are you guys doing? why are you in a barn?
‏@mariboustate: Definitely Bear, Grizzly Bear. We set up studio for a week in the middle of nowhere. hence the barn!
‏@GottaDanceDirty: awesome! other than better internet, what would you love to have in the studio? (doesn’t have to be real)
‏@mariboustate: Better Internet would be prime! That and Stevie Wonder on a Fender Rhodes. You Delivering?
‏@PedestrianUK: bring a 6 pack as well!
‏@GottaDanceDirty: 6 pack aye? what are you drinking? if only we could deliver those voices…..
‏@PedestrianUK: We’ll have, 1 whiskey sour, 1 caipirinha and an old fashioned… it’s your round right?
‏@GottaDanceDirty: 1st round always on us! love your style. so how did you lot meet? any funny anecdotes between the group?
@mariboustate: Mutual friends!
‏@mariboustate: Shortly after we found Jack in our shack with a bottle of red in one hand…
‏@mariboustate: and a Lauryn Hill a cappella in the other… And that’s how Doo Wop’s are made.
‏@zeanmoore: I’ve never heard your music, so my question is: What album or singles of yours should I listen to first? Which are your favorites?
‏@mariboustate: Listen to ‘Mask’, it features both of us! – …
‏@GottaDanceDirty: haha. amazing. would you guys be doing something else if you weren’t making music?
‏@PedestrianUK: Liam would be a marine biologist, Chris would be a town cryer and I’d be a lumberjack.
‏@GottaDanceDirty: i love it. so tell us a bit about your next release!
‏@PedestrianUK: Our collab ‘Mask’ is out tomorrow on @PetsRecordings. Its a song about running away from the city.
‏@mariboustate: It was the catalyst to our studio getaway, where were hoping to track an LP under a new alias ‏
@GottaDanceDirty: rad! do you have a name for this yet?
‏@PedestrianUK: not yet. music first. we’re thinking up concepts/themes for tracks at the moment, any suggestions?
‏@Suplington: When can we expect ya’ll to be DJing in London next? Would love to catch a set!
@PedestrianUK: We’ve both got dates in london over March, and a b2b planned for May, head down and check it out!
‏@Suplington: Sweet, definitely on that!
@PedestrianUK: we’ll have specific details soon, will tweet info!
‏@GottaDanceDirty: i’ve always been into synesthesia … would be cool if you could make a song sound yellow… or icy!
‏@PedestrianUK: good shout! funnily enough i have synesthesia. I feel i make a fair bit of yellow/terracotta/purple.
‏@GottaDanceDirty: ooo terracotta! ok name some of ur fav artists of the moment.
‏@PedestrianUK: My Toys Like Me, Djrum, LV, Youandewan, Daphni, Medlar, Tuesday Born.
‏@mariboustate: Definitely @archie_p and @londongrammar as well
‏@GottaDanceDirty: where would you take us on a day in the shire?
‏@mariboustate: A day in the shire would start with a trip to the Alford Arms for an ale and a bubble and squeak… to be honest probably followed with more local pubs and more food. Thats all we seem to do!
‏@GottaDanceDirty: we love both of those things! ok let’s wrap up. fav movie & any final shouts?
@mariboustate: Hard to say. Just seen Django, obviously up there. Any Wes Anderson film for me is a winner
‏@mariboustate: Shout to you guys! thanks for taking the time to chat to us!
‏@PedestrianUK: ‘Dead Mans Shoes’ is def one of my favourites. Big up you mum! Without her this wouldnt have happened!
‏@PedestrianUK: i meant your mum. and dad, respectively. big up yourselves too! cheers.
‏@GottaDanceDirty: thanks so much guys you rock! can’t wait for “mask”!!!!!
@PedestrianUK: thanks! let us know what you think :)

You can buy the entire “Friends Will Carry You Home Too” compilation on Beatport HERE