The Dirt #102: Laura D. + Three Wise

Well what originally started as entirely a joke between young Three Wise & myself quickly escalated into one of the most popular posts on GottaDanceDirty…. and for that we’d like to thank SEXY DJs and the apparent thousands of people who want to know who they are. Any way, we’re back & although there’ll be slightly less pretty pictures for you to look at this week there’s definitely no shortage of sexy jams. — Laura.

For those of you that trust us:
Download all 5 of Laura D’s Dirt tracks (.zip)
Download all 5 of Three Wise’s Dirt tracks (.zip)

And for those of you more into investigating, explore the depths of our realm after the jump….


Specialivery – Bubala

With some big bass and a tropical feel this one was an easy choice for this weeks Dirt. Definitely brings back memories of Brooklyn in the summer and late nights at Webster Hall.

Delta Heavy – Empire

I’ll be the first to tell you that dramatic vocal intros are the cheesiest thing ever. BUT if you just skip to .48 it’s like it never even happened and you get to the face melting bass that these UK heavy weights are known for.

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Tom Staar & Kryder Rmx)

With this massive re-work of a cult classic, Tom Staar and Kryder take the 80’s synthy vocals of Depeche Mode and create a straight up bomb. Can’t wait to hear this one live.

Phat Deuce – Bubble Di Sistem (BIG MAKK REMIX)

Out on Mad Decent Premium last month, this Moombah remix is dirty and makes me want to booty pop.

Boy Kid Cloud – Show Me Love (Robin S Cover)

BKC really does the best covers. It might just be me and my affinity for cute accents and shiny synths, but this downtempo revamp of the Robin S classic is so chill. Really helping this hangover I’ve got right now.


Ultraista – Static Light (iO Remix)

I’ve been a big supporter of my friend iO ever since he did a mix for me a while back with his insanely good tune “Dirty Little Secret,” which lead to an amazing collabo with the dude Kastle as well. His two-steppish remix is a funky little shaker to get your booty groovin’ in your office chair.

SWV – Rain (Two Fresh Remix)

Oh man. Oh man. Leave it to the twins Two Fresh to bring the charm of drippy R&B into the electronic realm. This song is so good. Massive respek to the TF dudes for this one.

Salva & Brenmar – Let Me Bang

Seems like Salva and Brenmar never stop making music… the most popular of which has been given away for free, for the most part. They’ve just embarked on a tour together (the start of which was in LA last week at an outrageously fun Red Bull party at Hollywood’s newest club venture Sound) and to celebrate & light things up they revamped an oldie with “Let Me Bang”. Only two more shows left for them as they close out in Canada this weekend, scurry over if you can. I really love both of their versatility and ability to really work a crowd. BANG.

Prince Club – Love Strong (Jessie Andrews Remix)

Jessie Andrews may only be 20 years old with a rather well-known identity in a separate industry, but unlike other famous females (looking at you, Paris Hilton…) Jessie’s actually got a proper head on her shoulders which allows for actual production and DJ skills. I predict a big year for the busy lady, which was kicked off right on the 1st of January with her remix of her house friends Prince Club.

Drake – Club Paradise (RL Grime Screw)

Nothing warms that awkward lil spot in my heart quite like Drizzy on Promefuhzeen (syrup, drank, etc). RL Grime puts his electro/trap dominant sounds on the backburner to deliver a grinding slowed-up version of Toronto’s finest. Kinda wish he had played this last week but I suppose in true Drake fashion you can’t always get what you want (my case: screwed tracks, nobody spilling a drink on me — Drake’s case: strippers, a good taste in clothes).

Download all 5 of Laura D’s Dirt tracks (.zip)
Download all 5 of Three Wise’s Dirt tracks (.rar)