Alex Metric – Rave Weapon [AMTRAC Remix]

For a lesson in diversity in dance music, one should look no further than AMTRAC’s SoundCloud.  AMTRAC is one of the few producers out there whose original & remix work genre-hop seamlessly and effortlessly.  When listening to AMTRAC’s work, you get the feeling that he doesn’t purposefully set a course for a particular sound.  There’s a sense that the end result of every track he produces is a natural progression of ideas that always seem to work well for whatever style the track ends up being.

This time around we find AMTRAC treating us to an electrifying dance floor experience with his remix of Alex Metric’s “Rave Weapon”.  It’s a track suitable for wreaking some serious festival havoc.  Dance music culture in America seems to be under constant ridicule because of a few overly shiny, rotten apples in the barrel.  If people would start putting artists like AMTRAC at the forefront of our dance scene , then maybe Europeans wouldn’t feel the need to try and explain rave culture to us.  Go see AMTRAC drop bombs at a HARD Festival and it’ll be clear that we don’t need lessons in rave culture.  We get it.  And AMTRAC is one of the guys who is helping us stay on the right path.  On top of nailing every other genre, the guy knows how to drop a proper festival bomb.  Yes, we know that every track doesn’t have to have a build up and drop.  But if there’s someone that knows how to do a proper festival drop by way of intelligent dance music, it’s AMTRAC.

Oh yeah, by the way…this remix is FREE: